Monday, July 28, 2008



Need I say more? What do you think of when you hear this? One is the silly movie made a little while ago with Ben Stiller, and I giggle each time. hehehehehe

Oscar was in a dodgeball tournament this weekend with Justin Bledsoe.

They started at 8:00 am and were done by 2:00. He told my 16 teams competed. His team was overall 2nd place and had to play the 3rd place team to advance to the final round. They beat 3rd place. Then 1st and 4th place teams play, 1st team wins.

Takin a break to show Trey Man how it's done in the 'pros' *smile*

Now it's Oscar's team up against 1st place Body Builder team for the champion ship. And they won!!! 1st place! Great job honey!!!

He had lots of fun, he had so many stories to tell too. By the next day he was exhausted and very sore! I had to laugh because to me it doesn't seem to take much more effort than basketball. But apparently I'm mistaken! We are very proud of you honey! Love you.

Visiting Grandma Vesta


Today we took some time to visit my grandmother Vesta, my dads mother.

It's been awhile since my older boys have seen her and I know Parker and Mason don't remember her. It was very fun visiting. Mason was scared of the dog but as soon as grandma put Buster outside, Mason wander all over the house and loved all the stuffed animals she had.

Grandma goes into heart surgery Monday morning to replace a valve. She seems a little nervous but she is still her upbeat self. We'll be praying for you Grandma!

Here is Aunt Krysten and Parker who absolutely adores her.

And of course my two show offs. They are playing the 'I'm stronger than you' game.

UPDATE: My mom called on Monday afternoon to let me know Grandma Vesta came through the surgery great. The procedure can take up to 6 hours, but Grandma was out in about 3 1/2. I hope my Dad is breathing by now, I'm sure he carried enough worry around for everyone. Relax dad and just love your mom.

Happy Birthday Kennedy Rae


Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!

Kennedy Rae turned 2 on July 24th!! I can't believe she is already two. This is her new 'car' and baby that really eats and wets its diapers, she's on her way to be a mommy already! *smile* We only wish we could get her to smile for the camera! She is very stingy with them, she purposely looks away too. I didn't believe my sister until I witnessed it myself. You little stinker!

Mason had to try out the car too. It turns out all the little ones loved it. Zachary even tried to get in it and on it before I told him NO! Jaxson is in the orange shirt once riding on top and then driving.

Playing with Play-doh before the festivities began!

Grandma with Raegan checking out Kennedy's new gifts. Raegan is trying so hard to grow up too fast, she's only 7 months old. She is already crawling, not doing the butt scoot thing anymore! Thanks Sis for not recording her doing this! *smile* Now she is pulling herself up to a standing position! Zachary is holding Rae Rae (Raegan) isn't she a doll?!!

All my boys love their uncles!! Here they are with Uncle Mike. Parker has decided when he grows up he wants a cell phone like Mikes so he can 'text'!!

What a great day! All the family was there and we had a nice visit. I was able to meet my brother Steven's new girlfriend Jackie and her cute 3 month old son Adin. Grandpa Bullock was there and was swarmed by all the grandkids! *smile*. We had pizza, cake and ice cream and relaxed great party sis!

Ross Park Zoo


We had some time before celebrating my niece Kennedy's birthday so we decided to go to the Zoo before it got hot. Well we didn't quite make it before it got hot! I guess you could say I got my workout for the day. I definetly sweated enough to feel like it!!

I was so proud of Mason, he went into the little barnyard to brush the goats hair. This is a major accomplishment for him because he gets scared when he is around animals, particularly dogs. When he saw his brothers brushing them he decided to try too. It also helped that the goats hardly moved, if they were standing up and walking he wouldn't do it.

This Zoo is a little different than most other zoo's we've been too. In this Zoo you will only see animals that you might come across in the wild here in the West. For example Deer, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Ducks, Geese, Antelope, Coyote, Bears, Fox, Eagle, Hawk, and of course Buffalo (Bison) to name a few. The Zoo is also located on part of a hillside so most of the trails are uphill. This proved to be challenging at times. My mom and I would get a running start to go up the steep hills, quite a show if you could see you'd probably laugh too. I'm sure my mother was not impressed with my lack of compassion towards my children. If anyone knows me I hate the heat and hate to sweat even more, so I get grouchy!! And I was, so I looked for shade a lot and drank lots of water. In the shady grassy area the boys played on an awesome Tree House. It is actually build around and on a HUGE tree and it is a place of learning too.
Grandma and Kennedy coming down the tree slide with Mason right behind. *smile*
Grandma Bullock shared her knowledge of the Tee Pee to the grandkids. Oscar and Zachary loved it, the rest of them just thought being inside of the big tent was cool. One thing she pointed out was the prayer rope that starts by the fire and goes straight up to the opening in the tee pee, I had forgotten about that. She also explained that the tee pee always faced the East because when Jesus comes back to the earth he will come from the East. Thanks for sharing your knowledge mom, you're the best. I sure wish I had you're paitence!!
The art on the inside and outside looked pretty authentic to me, they did a great job.
So we made it through the hot zoo and the boys loved it. Thanks Lil O for suggesting we go.

Ross Park Swimming Pool

We were all excited about going swimming, especially on a very hot day. I grew up swimming here and was a little hesitant about going because it didn't seem like it would be fun for my little guys. BUT Teresa, my sister, said she had been a couple of times and they had completly redone it. I was very impressed!!!

The kiddie area was very fun for Mason and Parker, their cousins Jaxson, Kennedy, and Raegan. My sister Teresa is holding Raegan, Kennedy is on her leg (orange swimsuit).



Here are Oscar and Zachary messing around in the lazy river. That was a lot of fun. Even Mason and Parker got their fair share.

Grandma Bullock, Parker and Jaxson:

I came across a good friend who moved away about 3 years ago, Shauna Boren. She used to live two houses down from me. I gave her a big hug and had a great chat and caught up. She has two grandsons and another one on the way, she seems very proud. She also acts very strong since I found out she is suffering from breast cancer and is scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks. She has been going through cemo and has lost her hair and is scheduled for radiation afterwards. She seems upbeat and is looking at all the positives. Way to go Shauna, we'll be praying for you. Oscar and Zachary got to hang out with their friend Jessie (Shauna's son) and had lots of fun.

After a long day it was time to pack up, none of them really wanted to go. They were all so worn out by the time we got to the car though. *smile*

We have already decided to come back again maybe next time with Daddy!