Friday, March 26, 2010

Loving Fablehaven and Brandon Mull


Today I took Oscar and Zachary to Boise to meet Brandon Mull the author of the New York Times Best Selling series Fablehaven!!  We met him a few years ago in Pocatello right before his 3rd book came out.  His fan base sure has increased since we saw him last! Yesterday his 5th and final book of the series came out, 'Keys to the Demon Prison"

We made daddy go over to Desert Book about 4:30 to get us a spot in line.  When he got there he was the third in line, third family in line.  We were sooooo excited to get there.  I was driving into Boise to meet him and then we would switch vehicles and he would take Parker, Mason, and Lily home.  I figured they would have been too bored standing in line.

Here we are waiting for him to come at 6:30!  Thankfully we brought some reading material.  The boys did great, they were so excited it was hard for them to stay focued and read.  Watching all the people there was quite entertaining too.

It was getting closer to 6:30 so we were gathering up our stuff anxiously awaiting Brandon's arrival. 

Here is what the store was looking like, you'll have to look closely to see all the heads.  By the time he started signing the line was clear out the door after winding through all the bookshelves and aisles in the store.

He started signing books.....

We had four books to sign this time, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and his childrens book 'Pingo'.  Here is Zachary....


Signing the book for Parker and Mason....

Brandon is such a GREAT guy.  He was always smiling talking with everyone.  His poor voice was so hoarse when he stood and made a couple of announcements before signing.  He said he is done with the Fablehaven series and we would understand after we finished reading the 5th book.  This time next year a new series called the 'Beyonders' will be coming out - it will be 3 books.  Also he is writing a sequel to the book 'Candy Shop Wars' I can't remember exactly what the title was but it had something to do with arcades, it will come out summer of next year.

We now have all of his books signed and a permenant part of our home library!!!  Here are the pictures (yes there are quite a few but this is to perserve our memories!)  Book One 'Fablehaven'..

Book Two 'Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star'...

Book Three 'Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague'...

Book Four 'Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary'...

Book Five 'Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison'...

Candy Shop Wars...


Here are all the books in the Fablehaven series....

And the complete library!

My boys still remember when we met him the first time and I'm sure they'll remember this experience too for the rest of their lives!  I'm so grateful to have been able to meet him again.  I am also grateful for the roll model he is to his fans.  It's nice to know that kids (and adults) can read good entertaining books.

More Robots...

O-Town (oscar) has really enjoyed working with these lego robots this year at school.  He has been doing a mini competion between him and 2 others.  They were to build a robot that would go forward pick up a ball and put it into a dish.  Here is that robot.

Then he had a science project he needed to do.  He had to build something to show a human body part.  He ended up bulding a person and showed how 'reflexes' work.  This one is the person and if you touch his knee his leg would kick forward.

On this one if something got to close to it the robot would go backwards, because the mind is telling the body to move away.

He is loving this engineering stuff a TON and has plans to be a NASA engineer or a Robotics engineer someday!

False Alarm??


This morning started at 5:30 when I woke up hearing Lily, got her calmed down, got back into bed and notice Oscar (husband) propped up in bed looking weird.  When I asked him what was wrong he said his chest hurt and was having trouble breathing.  When I gave him that 'look' he said he was fine, and stop over reacting.  Since I was so tired I fell back asleep but woke up again soon after to hear him in the bathtub.  I got up got O-Town (Lil Oscar) ready for school and came back in to 'talk' to him.  He said the pain wasn't as bad and he was breathing easier.  I told him he should get it checked out, he said he was fine and stop worring, I told him he was pushing himself too much, he said he's been doing it for a long time now, i said I want you in one piece, and he said I know (but I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes)

I kept getting distracted with the boys because I had to get them ready for school.  Oscar let the house looking better, but I still had my doubts.  I told myself once I had the boys off to school I was going to call our friend Kip and have him talk to Oscar.  Sometimes that hunk of a husband of mine is stubborn and doesn't listen to me but will his 'guy' friends, especially the ones in the medical field.  I soon found out about an hour later that Oscar called Kip on his way to work and he told him to go to the hospital.  THANK YOU KIP!! 

I got a text message from Oscar saying "Yo, all is good but I went to the docs to get checked.  All initial tests are great.  But I am getting admitted for some followup tests in st lukes downtown."  I was fine until I read the word 'admitted'!  I called Oscar and of course I 'Flipped Out'!!  He said, that's why I don't like telling you things, i said who cares you tell me anyway - let me flip out and then I'll get my head wrapped around it.  So he said they had to test his blood every 4 hours for the next 8 hours to check for an enzyme that was present in heart attack patients.  After I got off the phone with him I immediatley called Kip to get the 'real' story.  Amazingly Kip told me what Oscar did he didn't leave anything out.  So I felt better knowing Kip was at the hospital with Oscar but I was still flying around my house trying to get me, Lily, and Mason ready to go to the hospital, NO WAY was I staying home to find out how things were going. 

I was doing okay until I talked to my mom and then the water works started flooding!  She asked if she needed to come up, but I said no because he seemed to be fine and I would call her later.  Well come to find out she left work and was heading up to Boise anyway.  Once she got here I realized yes I did need her very much.  I LOVE my mom!  Thank you!

When I finally got to the hospital Oscar told me about when he first got there.  He had a hard time walking from the parking lot to the emergency room, he was very winded.  When he told the front desk people he was having chest pain they immediately took him back to a room.  He said within 2 minutes there were 10 people in that small room hooking him up to machines and checking all sorts of stuff.  They DON'T mess around!  He said that they gave him nitrogliceren under his tongue and within 30 seconds the pain was GONE!  He had a small allergic reaction to the adhesive they put on him (he started swelling up), so they had to change them to the kid ones and he was fine.  All the firsts test they did and the first blood draw all came back negative for heart attack, but they were going to keep him there to check the rest of the day.

Kip was awesome and explained things to us and even went and got lunch for us. THANK YOU!  Jessica his sweet wife and very good friend was up at the hospital visiting her brother who just had a baby and came to visit.  She took Mason home with her, he was getting a bit restless there anyway, THANK YOU!  I kept Lily because I knew my mom was coming and she was going to get her for me.

It turned out to be a long day, but comforting in a way because every blood test came back negative.  The doctor came in at the end of the day and said that all the tests results were good news.  But!!  That doesn't mean your heart is healthy, and it doesn't mean your heart is bad, but we had an appointment to see a cardiologist the next morning for further tests.

The next morning we went to see the cardiologist and Oscar was going to do a stress test.  A stress test is where they put a bunch of monitors on your chest and back and you run on a treadmill and monitor your heart at the same time.  The doctor said he is looking for the electronic something or other when he is running.

Here are some of the pictures of the test....

Resting heart rate....

getting ready to run...

heart rate monitor....

After the test, what they called heart recovery.....

He passed this test too, so the cardiologist said his heart looks good right now, but he still needs to watch his health.  He told Oscar not to eat at the fast food restaurants more than 2 times a MONTH not week.  I know Oscar does not like this advice, but he needs to follow through with it to stay healthy, and he has been *smile* He said Oscar was doing good with his exercise program and gave him the green light to continue his training.  He also said we needed to schedule some time with our primary care physican to figure out what gave him that pain.  We were told it could be reflux, gal bladder, panic attack, or an ulsur.  We were also told that having an upper GI would comfirm if any of these are the real culprit.  My own intuition is it's an ulsur, he has had a lot of worrying going on for the past 2 years now and his mother has them too.  We shall see.

I am just so very very THANKFUL that he is with us and is healthy!!  I know that our Heavenly Father's hand has been in all of this.  We love you very much!

Webelos Badge and Space Derby


Tonight Zachary was awarded his Webelos Badge at pack meeting.  He has been working very hard at memorizing the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan, and did a great job explaining what each ment.  And some how the little stink managed to get up to the front with his jacket still on!  He loves his jacket he got for Christmas that he hardly EVER takes it off! *sigh*

AHere is where he gets to place the 'mother pin' on my neckband I have for all my boys.  While he does this the rest of the boys chant 'kiss kiss kiss'.  The boy is suppose to let his mom give him a hug and a kiss after he is done, but most boys go into FREEK OUT mode, BUT this time Zachary was the first to reach up and hug me!  Ahhhhh how sweet, I LOVE that boy. *smile*

After the awards were handed out they were able to participate in a Space Derby.  The boys put together a ship from a kit and got to race them at pack meeting.  Here is Zachary's ship...

All his kits (Pinewood Derby-car, Raingutter Regatta-boat) all have the Notre Dame theme, his favorite football team care of his Uncle Michael.  He did a great job and placed 4th overall, and came within milliseconds to getting 3rd.  He won the award for 'Most Creative' for his space ship!

While Zachary was putting together his ship, Oscar wanted in on the action too!  This is his ship, the NASA theme...... 

He was a bit bummed because his broke before he got a chance to race it.  But he got to be one of the judges so that made him happy.  Way to go Zachary!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zachary's Spelling Bee


Zachary was chosen to represent his 4th grade class at the annual Women's Century Club Spelling Bee this year.  He has been practicing the word list (18 pages of  38 words each) they gave him, and was getting very excited and nervous. 

Finally the day had arrived to compete.  He was extra excited because Grandma Bullock was able to see him too.  We weren't allowed to take pictures during the competion, only before and after.  We were all waiting for him to come out, Lily was already antsy and being passed to O-Town, Mom, Dad and Grandma, NOT a good sign.

Here are the before pictures, entering onto the stage.

I think he looks a bit nervous.  Yes that is his nervous face.  Everytime it was his turn I would hold my breath, these kids were given some hard words, there were alot I misspelled!

Here he is during the break.  I look like I'm less than thrilled but really I was just listening and very proud of him so far.  I had to stand up with Lily for most of the competion because she was antsy and loud, she finally fell asleep right before the break.

Here he is getting ready for the next round, thumbs up!

And here he is after finishing. 

He placed 9th out of 37 kids. He misspelled 'caress', I'm pretty sure he didn't hear the word right, and the definition they gave him he didn't understand because he spelled it 'corest'. I'd say he looks pretty happy about that, and that he got a bag full of goodies.

Here are the words he spelled correctly: 1) ancestor 2) artery 3) geology 4) perishable 5) assert
Congratulations Zachary we are all very proud of you!

Our Little Lily Growin Up

The past couple of months Lily has been growin up too fast for me.  She has been practicing and practicing her new skills *smile*

Practicing her new found freedom of rolling from one end of the room to the other

Practicing her facial expressions.....this is her old man face...

her 'oooo' face which she does for anything that fasinates her....

her 'I'm so cute' face....

Practicing to sit unsupported - such a big girl

Praciticing how to scoot around on her belly.  We call this her one armed army crawl.  She is amazingly fast.

I have found her all around the house, where doors have been left open, and she usually ends up under here...  I think she is enjoying herself. *smile*

She is constantly putting things in her mouth, I can hardly keep the floor swept or vaccumed fast enough.

Her daddy loves to spoil her with his favorite drinks, like for example orange julius.  I think she likes it...

She loves to be with her older brothers......

She even thinks she is big enough to play the computer!

Mom and Lily still love to play dress up too.  We were both so happy when she could finally fit into the cute frilly dress Aunt Karen gave her.  *smile*

It sure has been fun watching her grow and discover the world around her.  She is very very close to crawling, but I secretly hope she doesn't figure that one out for awhile longer.  She LOVES her voice and is always 'talking' especially when she wakes up in the morning, or when it is quiet in church.  She mainly says her baby babble, but I'm pretty sure she's sayin 'Mama' *smile*  She loves to mimic shaking her head 'no' and laughing the whole time.  She has just started eating bite sized baby food she can pick up herself and put into her mouth, she has to practice using those two incredible teeth she has *wink*  She is such a sweetie, even on those days when she's a bit cranky/needy.  I have to remind myself she is a baby and will only be that way once (easier said than done sometimes).

We all love our sweet little Lily Rae!!