Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Official

We now have two licensed hunters in our family!!

Oscar completed his Hunter Safety course on Saturday, and he now has his official license. Mom is still having mixed emotions about this. I know he is growing up, but he still seems to be too small to be carrying a gun around hunting. I have already had the talk about how it is legal to shoot big game down in New Mexico at age 10. Well sorry charlie THAT is not going to happen!! Someone needs to get a little bit more experience first (I saw the target).

Oscar's last requirement was to attend a Fish and Game Field Day where he learned about gun safety, was required to shoot a gun, and complete an obstacle course with a fake gun in hand. Dad and Oscar had a good long day from 7:30 to 5:30.

I've Been Tagged (almost a month ago - oops)

So Sara tagged me about a month ago, and I have been so busy I haven't been blogging. So here is my attempt.

10 Years Ago:
1998. I’d been married for 3 1/2 years. I was a new mother and my baby was just getting ready to celebrate his first birthday, start walking, and celebrate Easter. I remember going to Boise State to watch my brother who was in High School participate in the State Track Meet. Oscar was just starting to walk and I was letting him walk to his uncle. He was on concrete and wouldn’t you know he went down face first and skinned his nose. So on the pictures for Birthday and Easter he has a skinned nose.

On My To Do List:
Update my blog, clean/organize office, de-clutter the house, have a yard sale, plant a garden, get caught up on food storage, read book, and catch up on my DVR movies. Whewww!!

5 Places that I’ve lived:
All have been in Idaho:
1. At home with my parents
2. A single wide trailer behind the Shell gas station on Garrity (when it wasn’t run down).
3. My house I’m in now for 8 years.

5 Jobs I’ve had:
Arctic Circle
Administrative Assistant at CH2M Hill – Engineering Department
Administrative Assistant at CSHQA – Architect Firm

What I would do if I became a billionaire:
???? I’m a fuddy duddy on this one. I would put money away for all of my kids missions, college funds, pay off all our debt, and probably take some great vacations. I would love to go over to “The Holy Land”, and walk where Jesus walked, and I would love to visit all the church history sites here in America. After that I don’t know, it’s too much of a reach for me.

Bad Habits:
Chewing fingernails
Reading my books when I should be taking care of my family
Not folding the socks, underware, and towels, I just leave them in the laundry basket (we have to search through the basket to find what is needed)

Things I enjoy:
Books, books, books
Date Night
Vacations both with family and just me and Oscar
Watching my family be happy and laughing
Summer mornings (best time of day for me)

Things people don’t know about me:
Some may know this about me, I was on the drill team/dance team all through Junior High and High School. But one thing I dared to try was cheerleading. I tried out one year because my sister wanted me to do it with her, yah I shouldn’t have bothered. Needless to say I stuck with dance and my sister did the cheerleading.

I tag April, Brandie, and Esther!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wet Met the Author of Fablehaven!!!!

Brandon Mull is a first time author with his new Fantasy/Magical series Fablehaven. We even found out he is a New York Times Bestselling Author!!!

Oscar, Zachary and I have really loved these books, his third book in the series comes out April 21st!!!

Candy Shop Wars is his newest book, but not in the Fablehaven series.

He was in Pocatello on February 28th, Thursday. I was so excited when I found out, I new I was going to be there. I had my mom start making a few phone calls to find out where he would be and what time. He was going to be doing some school presentations during the day and a book signing later that evening at Desert Book.
I had Mrs. Morgan, Parkridge School Librian, looking into having Brandon come to Parkridge. There is a link on his website to request he come to your school. I thought that if it didn't work out here in Nampa, I at least wanted my boys to see his presentation. So bright and early on Thursday morning, 8:00am, I loaded up my boys and we headed to good ol Poky. He was going to be at Tendoy Elementary at 1:00pm and my mom had got permission from a friend there for us to come and see. We got there early enough that we were able to meet Brandon before all the students came in. He signed our two Fablehaven books, talked to the boys for a bit, and took some pictures with us!!! (Parker didn't want to take a picture with him, so he stood with Grandma Bullock)

Here are our autographed treasures!!

The presentation was great, he used a Power Point slide show which was brillant for kids! Brandon had all the kids attention the whole time. At first he told a little bit about himself, and talked about the questions he gets asked most. He really focused on how reading and creating can increase your imagination. He showed pictures of the people who inspired him as a writer like C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolken, and J.K. Rowling. He even had some kids role play to come up with a story line to show how your imagination works.
Here is a picture of him doing this. I think somewhere in the story there was a big purple dinosaur named Barney, who was scary and stinky?!!

We left the presentation with smiles on our faces! Later that evening Oscar, Mason and I went down to Desert Book to the book signing. Zachary was not feeling well and Parker could care less (because it wasn't ninja turles). We bought a copy of The Candy Shop Wars to have him sign.

Here is Oscar waiting his turn.

Here is Brandon signing the book and some posters for Oscar and Zachary.

Here are some more of our autographed treasures.

Brandon was also giving out stickers and bookmarks. The Candy Shop ones are scratch-n-stiff.
Zachary put his stickers to good use already.
This was such a great experience I will never forget. I hope my boys will always remember too. I learned from the Manager at Desert Book that he tries to get these popular authors to come to Pocatello. I heard him mention Obert Skye, the author of the Leven Thumps books, I'll be watching for that too. Here is a link to the Fablehaven website.