Friday, September 24, 2010

Your Lucky You're So Cute!


This morning I got up real early so I could go to Time Out For Woman in Boise with a good friend of mine, Tendra Andrews.  I had to leave a sick little girl with her daddy for the whole day.  Oscar said it would be fine and I left them while he was sitting in the rocking chair with Lily, both of them were asleep.  Once I had been in Boise for awhile I started getting text messages from home. Keep in mind Lily has been sick for the past couple of nights throwing up, whining, running a fever, not sleeping good at all, we had just gotten her back to sleep.....

Oscar :  "Asleep on lap on couch......"
Oscar:  "Back up, I mason will die......."
Vicki:  "What happened, did he wake up Lily?"
Oscar: 'Ya think? "HEY DAD I CAUGHT, A BUTTERFLY"....shhhhhhhh. "WHAT".... go to your room......"PARKER I HAVE A BUTTERFLY".
Vicki: 'I'm so sorry! Been there done that. It's easy for me to say this cuz I'm here, but remember he's 4 and very excited about his butterfly.  Put on facebook n have a laugh take a nap later when lily does.  Try turning on the tv'
Oscar: 'Dad we should go outside and pick one po'natoe'...ok, I'll let him live today. Have fun see u tonight.
Vicki: 'hahahahaha!! Yesterday we had to pick red raspberries
Oscar: 'That is after breakfasts and a bide ride he says.
Vicki: 'haha cute! Wow he must love you! He's got your whole day planned!'

We love you Mason!  FYI a "po'natoe" is tomatoe *smile*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Eternal Family

September 11, 2010 (A Day Never To Be Forgotten)


After 13 plus years of praying, wishing, hoping, trusting, having faith, also times of doubting, and not thinking this day would ever come, it finally DID!!  Our family was sealed for Time And All Eternity on Saturday, September 11, 2010, in the Boise Idaho Temple!  Words are hard to come by when describing how I feel inside!  Every time I think back on this day the spirit witnesses to me again that this is real and it was the best choice we made. 

I remember the week leading up to this day and it seemed like I was so busy, and I kept forgetting about things.  I was getting a little frustrated.  I decided to make a list of all the things I needed to get done and one with the things that could wait.  I realized then that Satan was trying to get me so busy I wouldn't be able to focus on our very special day. No way was I gonna let that happen.  I just had to step back and say 'It will all work out', and amazingly it did.

My mother came up from Pocatello to help me with our children and get them to the temple on time. (Thank you so much mom I love you!!)  Oscar and I went earlier because Oscar was taking out his endowments the same day as the sealing.  I remember walking into the temple with my HUSBAND, and the smiling and peace were instantly there.  I was smiling all day, it wouldn't go away.  When I saw Oscar dressed all in white, I thought he looked so handsome!  He was smiling too, he looked very happy, not nervous or scared, but happy!  I even had the matron tell me I was 'glowing', and I know I was on the inside.  I have been waiting for this day for so long, it was so wonderful, it felt so much better than I could possibly have imagined!

During our sealing ceremony the spirit was so strong and I was so happy, I looked up into Oscar's eyes and he still looked so happy.  After that I started crying (happy tears) I tried not to because I wanted to listen to the sealer but I just couldn't hold it in.  When I saw my children come in all in white, I was filled with such strong Love for each of them.  The boys looked so handsome and Lily looked nervous but beautiful, she clung to Lil O and sucked her thumb. *smile*  My boys told me later that the first thing they noticed was all the girls were crying and even Kip, that made me laugh.  I felt a little piece of what heaven/eternity would feel like that day in the temple standing with my family looking into the mirrors.

We were able to go out on the temple grounds and have our pictures taken in our white clothes, I was very excited about that.  My great friend Sara Adams took pictures for us, although I haven't seen them all yet, I know she did a fantastic job!

Afterwards we went back to Nampa to our ward building and had dinner.  April Dittrich got together with our friends and planned the whole thing.  We are so blessed to have so many dear friends who truly care about our family.  I love the ward we are in, I love my friends, and most of all I LOVE my ETERNAL FAMILY!

Thanks to all who helped make this day come to pass and help it to be a day never to be forgotten!

Zachary's Soccer Season

This year Zachary tried out for a Select soccer team and made it.  He has been so excited!  He has really enjoyed the practices and is learning a lot, although he comes home very tired!  He has been practicing as a goalie and as a defender.  Their team has been doing great playing as a team, it has been neat to watch. 

Here are some pictures from his first game, Zach is in bright green #10.

Lily was trying to support Zach and cheer him on, but she was more interested in the grass and running around.  It was a little chilly that day *wink*  This little one has such chubby feet it was hard to find a pair of warm shoes to put on her.  We finally found a pair of boots a size bigger, so she wasn't walking as fast, and found herself on the ground a lot.  What a cutie pie *smile*

They have won all their games so far this season, and at least Zachary hasn't let it go to his head.  Their coaches encourage good sportsmanship too, what a blessing.  Way to go Zach!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Running Cross Country

9/2/2010 & 9/9/2010

Otown has been looking forward to running cross country this year for East Valley.  He really has gotten the running bug over the summer, just like someone else we know *wink*  He has been enjoying himself, running with his friends, and improving on his time too.  The only drawback is, his knees have started to give him a little trouble.  A good friend of ours Kip Dribnak gave him some stretches to try and some kind of wrap stuff to put around his knees while running.  This seems to be working.

His first meet was at West Valley Middle School.  Oscar is with one of his best friends Austin Hansen.

Parker, Mason and Lily were more entertained by a grasshopper than the running.  It was okay since it kept them out of trouble.

Starting... Oscar is one of the fastest on his team, so he and three other team members get to start in the front. Oscar is the one in the middle with the pink looking string wrapped around his knees.

Halfway done with the 1 1/2 mile run.  Oscar is showing his shocka sign and smiling even though he doesn't feel like smiling.  He is running with his buddies Eric, and Austin.  It really helps running with a friend, if one of you wants to stop the others are there encouraging you on!

Here comes Oscar headed toward the finish, his buddy Austin is in front just 5 seconds ahead of him.

Finish! Oscar placed 3rd from East Valley, 5th overall!  AWESOME job mister! *smile*

Afterwards.   I do not understand how the scoring works but each team accumulates points and the team with the lowest wins the match.  East Valley boys placed first with 28 points.  The other teams were Syringa with 143 points, West with 77 points, and Mountain Home with 51 points. 

Here is Oscar with his buddies, Caleb, Eric, and Austin.

The next meet was held at South Middle School.  There were a lot more kids participating this time, but still only four schools, East, Kuna, Lonestar, and South Middle School.

Start, right in the middle again.

Halfway through and showing us his shocka smile.  GO OSCAR!

Finish:  This time Oscar placed 2nd on his team, but 9th overall.  I think he did FANTASTIC!

I'm not sure on the offical points, but this time East Valley boys placed 3rd.  They were not happy about that so they plan on working hard during the week and do better at their next meet.

I'm still a proud Mama!!  GO OSCAR, GO EAST VALLEY!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lily's New Discoveries

This little one CRACKS me up.  She is going to be a well balanced girl.  One minute she is cuddling a baby doll, pushing her little stroller, trying on shoes, brushing her hair, and then.....she's digging in the dirt, laying in a muddy puddle, yellin just as loud as the boys, pushin and shovin, and even this.......

Yep video games with her older brothers

Yes she is in the garage even 'helping' out *wink*

What a cutie pie!!  We sure do love her *smile*

New Look


Well it has finally happened!  I was told I'm not good enough!  WHAT!  Apparently I cut hair 'stupid' according to my 11 and 13 year olds!  WOW  I didn't think I would hear that quite so soon.  (I had Zach's done at another friends and I don't have any pictures, but it turned out great!) So I called a friend who does hair to help out (Janae). She cut Oscar's hair and showed me some tips how to do it myself next time and make it 'cool'.

I sure hope I can figure it out because she moves 2000 miles away!  I think it turned out very nice.  The huge trick was using thinning shears, because his hair is sooooo thick and wavy!  Thank you Janae, you're a life saver!

Just a side note; this is what happens a few weeks after wrecking on your bike and smashing your finger!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Drive Inn


Tonight we went to the drive inn in Caldwell with a bunch of friends.  Neil and Sara Adams, Kip and Jessica Dribnak, Tendra and Carter Andrews, and Alyce and Kelby Dribnak. 

The first show was Sorcerers Apprentice which was okay but seemed too short to me.  The late show was Despicable Me which was Hilarious!  I was sooo tired in the last show that I did dose off for a bit and Lily finally fell asleep half way through the first movie.  All the boys amazingly stayed awake for both movies.  We had so many snacks we hardly even touched them! I went to the store with my oldest and I was hungry so we came away with a bunch more than needed *smile* 

We had a GREAT time. Thanks Sara for the pictures *smile*

Zachary's Birthday Party


Zachary had his 'Boot Camp' birthday party today!  He had drills, an obstacle course, tug-of-war, and land mine games.  All the kids had an awesome time.

Drill Time!  Sargent Says, if you messed up you had to 'drop and give-um 5'  HILARIOUS!

Obstacle course.  They had to run through the course while getting sprayed by the hose and being timed as well!


Land Mines.  They had to walk across the field blindfolded and not step on a mine (water balloon)

At the end they all ganged up on Zachary!  It was funny, but some of the balloons didn't break and he got a little sore. 

Time for cake and ice cream!  Here is the cake I made for him.

Zachary enjoyed the singing!

This present was AWESOME!  His older brother Oscar is such a comedian!  He arranged to have Zach open up a 'gag' gift which was BARBIES!! hahahahahaha  When he looked in the bag he wouldn't pull them out and would only say 'I hate you' over and over again.  His friends were laughing!  I made him pose with the Barbies anyway!

Then he got his real present from his brother, which he LOVED!

Zach had a great time with all his buddies.  I'd say it was a very Happy Birthday!