Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oscar has a friend Corey who has a pool and invited him to come and bring the boys. They have been on two different occasions now and have had a ball!!

I went the 2nd time and just laughed at them all goofying off. Lily just slept the whole time. I put her under a ceiling fan they had on the patio to make sure she wouldn't get too hot, but I think the heat just made her sleep. Mason was getting pretty tired and worn out too.

They took turns diving off the diving board, diving for the dive sticks, jumping to catch a ball in the air, and Parker trying to take underwater pictures of all of them.

Zachary taking his turn jumping to catch that ball. *smile*

Now it's daddy's turn, watch out everyone this one makes a mighty BIG splash! *wink*

I LOVE this picture. At first I thought I missed whatever it was I was trying to take, but take a look in the bottom left hand corner (may have to click on picture to see it bigger). Yep there is Zachary frightened of something, but who knows what for! I about peed my pants laughing so hard!!!

Thank you Corey, Nono, and Aundrey (hope I spelled your names right) for the invite, we all had a great time.

Corn Shuckers

Oscar and O-Town (new nickname for Lil O) went to the community garden and picked corn for us they got about 100 ears! Well they all needed to be shucked so they started at it and pretty soon they had a bunch of helpers.


Jaxson (my nephew)

Kennedy (my niece)

We ate a bunch of fresh ones with dinners and ended up with a bunch for the freezer. This corn was DELICIOUS, and we'll be able to enjoy it through the winter. *smile

Happy 10th Birthday Zachary


Happy Birthday Zachary!! I can't believe he is 10 already, I still remember the doctor placing him in my arms after he was born. Zachary is very caring and rambunctious at the same time. He loves sports, video games, and being outdoors. He loves his baby sister and helps entertain his younger brothers and always wants to be around Oscar. He is sooooo much like his daddy it isn't even funny. :)

This year for Zachary's party he wanted to go see Monsters vs Aliens and bring a few of his friends along. Here is a picture of the gang.

After the movie, which they saw in 3D, they came back here for some cake and ice cream and presents.

This was his FAVORITE present he said, it's video game of course "Star Wars Force Unleashed". He and Oscar played this games for hours and hours!!!

They all enjoyed opening up the new toys and playing before parents arrived to pick up his friends. I'm pretty sure Zachary had an awesome time, you couldn't tell or anything, not with the huge permanent grin he had all day. *wink* We love you lots Zachary!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's Have A Party!


Tonight we had a baby shower for our sweet Miss Lily Rae. Here is the invitation Sara Adams put together for her (one of her many talents).

Some of my friends put it all together for us, and did a FABULOUS job!! I didn't have to worry about anything, except for tiding up a little *wink* Here are the beautiful decorations. All decked out with Lilys for our Lily (thank you Sara) *smile*

Sara had Oscar and the boys help out with some of the higher up decorations. Here they are trying to hang a 'It's a Girl' sign from the elk antlers, trying to make a statement. *smile* Thanks boys you did a great job! Then of course they were 'outa there' to do boy stuff.

This is the cake that Sara made. She is absolutely AMAZING!!! The baby, blankets, and Lily's are all made out of frosting, this girl is pure GENIUS!! The camo blanket was Oscar's favorite part. *wink*

Here is the star of the show, Lily Rae in her party dress (thanks Sis she looked beautiful). This little cutie slept most of the time and was passed along to willing arms to get a close up look. I only had to feed her once and she went right back to sleep. She will sleep through most noisy situations. *smile*

Judie was in charge of the games, my favorite was the diaper one. You had to smell inside of a diaper to see what kind of candy bar was melted and smooshed in there. Yes some really did look like poop, gross!!

Lily got so many wonderful things, she has a complete wardrobe of cute girly outfits!! I just have to find a place to put them all, I still don't have a dresser designated for her yet. I'll have to clean out some closet space too.

It was so awesome to have so many of my friends come and meet our little angel, and be able to chat with other female adults. Sorry honey sometimes I just need to have girly conversations. *smile* My mom and sister were able to come up and join the fun too!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends for putting the shower together, especially Sara Adams, Jessica Dribnak, Krisele Stewart, Alyce Dribnak, and Judie Sedrick!!!!
(me and Sara)