Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parker Turns 8!

January 10, 2011

WHAT!! Where did the time go?!  I remember vividly bringing you home for the first time and what a good baby you were.  You do not seem like you should be 8 yet!  I'm having small moments of anxiety off and on, he still seems little to me!

Okay, okay, breathe.....

So time has apparently sped forward and Parker is now 8.  This year we had a little trouble deciding what to do for his birthday but we finally came up with a lego theme party.  Once we decided on that everything came together nicely.

We gathered up all the legos we had and decided to have a building party.  The boys were given 30 seconds to grab a pile of legos out of the container and then had 15 minutes to build their ships.

 Even Grandma Bullock wanted to play this game *smile*

 Zachary and Mason worked together on a very cool ship.

 Parker's creation.
 Grandma was so proud of her ship *smile

 And of course you can't play/build with legos without Oscar being to far away..

They played a balloon popping game, where the balloon is tied to your ankle and you are trying to pop someone else's balloon but protect your own.

He had a great time opening gifts, he is now SET with legos for the next year!

He also got some practical gifts from us too.

Yep that's a scout shirt!  Here we go again *smile*

Then of course it's time for cake!  Here is the cake, and our smiling 8 year old *smile*  The colors of the blocks/bricks were inspired by the Halo lego sets.  I wish I could have found a darker purple, but oh well the kids didn't notice.  My hands were dyed maroon for a couple of days afterwards and it looked like a had dirt under my fingernails even though it was green food coloring!  Geeshh the things we'll endure for our kiddos *smile* 

We sang 'Happy Birthday' and didn't sound like the dead, and he was able to blow out the candles in one big breath! 

He had a GREAT party and after all his guests left he dug into all those legos!  It kept him and his brothers busy for a couple of hours.  We still have them set out on the shelves in the living room, Lily hasn't managed to destroy all of them yet *wink*

Happy Birthday buddy!  We love you soooo much, you just need to SLOW down in the growing department *smile*

Zach's 1st Hunting Trip

January 1, 2011

What an excellent way to bring in the new year in a household nearly full of hunters!  Dad, OTown and Zach went out to the Owyhee's to hunt rabbits and coyotes, they had a blast! 

Here is OTown 'scouting'

 Zach scouting.....

They spotted more coyotes but couldn't get one, then Zach was able to get his first animal, a rabbit.

When he brought it home he forgot that mom does NOT like to see the results of their hunts! But the little kids all quickly came to see though.  They all thought it was cute until they realized it was dead and Zach had killed it.  Jaxson said 'Why did you kill the rabbit?' and Raegan asked 'Hey Zach, where did the kitty go?'  uhhh oops sorry sis

Zach was happy for days afterwards so I would say it was successful.  Great job Zach. *smile*

We Have Visitors!

December 2010

We were so excited to have Aunt Teresa and the cousins come to town for a visit! They all had a great time playing games and watching movies together. Too bad is was soooooo cold outside, they wanted to play out there too, but when we sent them out there they could only stand it for 20 minutes!

Jaxson fell in love with a new wii game! He plays just like his momma.....everytime he needed to jump in the game he would really jump with the controller! hahaha

Kennedy and Mason loved playing whatever they could think of, they even tried packing backpacks to leave on an adventure. They got as far as the door before that idea was vetoed *smile*

Raegan was a ball of energy the whole weekend and full of sass! WOW, but we all loved her just the same. She was even kind enough to share her purple tutu with Lily.

The kids had sooo much energy this week they had to get it out of their system somehow, and when I heard daddy laughing and coughing and the same time I turned around and found this....

HAHAHAHA......love it!

I really LOVED having my sister here! We had long chats into the the night, we went shopping, went to a hockey game, celebrated new years together, and then all of a sudden it was time for her to go home....BOOOO! She helped me when I started bawling over the broken washer, and the broken oven cuz I thought 'there goes my new mattress'! She sympathized with me and then my wonderful husband bears hugs me and says 'I'm gonna go get a mattress I'll be back in a bit'. *smile* You're my best Sister, sis....LOVE you! Thanks for coming up to see us, we can't wait to see you again soon *smile*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Years Eve 2010


To start the night out we were invited to spend the evening with our family at a hockey game with some friends of ours.  My sister had come up for a visit so we brought her along too.  We had a suite to watch the game from, it was a good view, but so high I was always nervous about my kids falling to their deaths!  ugggg  The kids had a great time watching the game at first, but became bored and just ran around the suite.

Can you see Lily right in the middle???

Parker and Mason....
 Mom and Lily....
Afterwards we took the kids home and tucked them into bed.  The adults then met over at Neil and Sara's for the remainder of the evening (thanks for letting us invade your home) 

(p.s. since I once again forgot my camera  had to rely on the camera phone, and I 'borrowed' some pictures from Sara...thanks for that too)

Happy New Year!

Christmas 2010

December 25, 2010


We were all so happy on this day, I wish all of our family time could be this sweet!  A very special thank you to our sweet grandparents who not only made this day possible, but also helped cheer up a depressed daughter, WE LOVE YOU!

Warning: LOTS of pictures! *smile*

Before the kids were up and the opening began....

 Here is the little nativity set we had for Lily to play with.  We were constantly finding pieces all over the house, but she loved to play with them and pack them around in the little snowman christmas box.

Lily taking a peak in her stocking...

 The crew anxiously awaiting....

Hey look I got some stuff!  I LOVE how the stocking is almost as big as she is *smile*

 Mason digging in...
 Parker taking 'stock' of what's in his stocking....

 Lily is so happy she got forks in her stocking!  She carried them EVERYWHERE!  She even tried opening her presents with it!
 Look a Moooovvvvieeeee!  *smile*
 Parker celebrating the Halo lego set he has been wanting....I think he's just a little happy about it *wink*

 Too bad you can't see his face.  Zach got a Notre Dame hoodie sweatshirt, he was super excited!

 OTown is so THRILLED with us because we got him underwear for Christmas!  HAHAHAHA, but.....
 he forgot to look at the bottom of the box because it was a picture of a magazine and a rifle!  He will be featured on the cover of Trophy Hunters in the May issue and because of that he gets a new Browning Rifle!  Now do you see the smile on his face!  *wink*  I think he was in the middle of saying 'Serious?!'

 Yeah!!!  We're so happy!

 Lily trying to open her present with her FORK!  hahaha

 I LOVE this picture!  Mason is trying to figure out what it is.  It is a tool bench with more tools and foam wood pieces to build with.  Once it was put together he was in HEAVEN! 

 Lily got a super cute hat from daddy......'Camo Princess'...

 Tah Dah!!!

 I don't think she was thrilled she couldn't just start cooking....

It was a pain to put together, but we put ourselves through it for our kiddos.

 I even had OTown's help.  Do you see all the boys wearing their new beanies from Washington DC?  Thanks Aunt Karen, they are a huge hit.  We have two FBI's, a CIA, an two Washington DC hats! *smile*

Now we're in business....

 This was my present this year and is totally my FAVORITE!!  It is sooo soft and is absolutely off limits except for me (sorry a little bit selfish I know, but they'll get over it...hahaha)

 Mason and Parker got matching tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, compass kits.  They were so excited they had to be set up right away!  They slept there for a whole week.  They can't wait until summer when they can sleep outside with them.  *smile*

We had such a wonderful day!  We relaxed, ate great food, played with new toys, and watched new movies.  The biggest hit of all was the Wii, but I don't have any pictures of it (darn).  We got some great games, thanks to a good friend, and they played every chance they got!  The most popular were the Cabelas and Harry Potter lego, even Avatar was a hit.  *smile*

Merry Christmas!!