Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cops and Robbers


I will remember this night for a long time!!

We got invited to the Dummars for a couples date night adventure. We were told to come dressed warm and wear dark colors and of course to be at their house by 6:00 sharp because we were leaving. So Oscar and I tried to rack our brains about what we would be doing, both of us would end up being WRONG.

We got to the Dummars where she had hired 3 babysitters so we took our kids along too so they could have some fun too. Once everyone was there we had to pick a star or a letter out of a basket. There were 8 couples in all, I picked a star and Oscar picked an 'R'. So then Tiffany explains to us that we are playing a game called Cops and Robbers which I have NEVER heard of before, so I was clueless. Then she started explaining what we had to do. Everyone who had picked a star was a 'Cop', everyone with the letter 'R' was a 'Robber'. Everyone was to drive over to Endeavor Elementary School and the Robbers had to make it on foot to the Church building on Happy Valley (with a 5 minute head start) before the Cops could catch them within a 40 minute time frame. The cops could only have two cars and in order to catch the robbers we had to shine our flashlights one them. I knew this was going to be intense when Alyce said 'You see this scare right here (pointing to her right eye), I got this from playing this game'. Oh GREAT what am I getting myself into. Well at least I was in the car. *wink*

So here are the Robbers: back row - Oscar, Lanson Baumgartner, Eric Ambrose, Kelby Dribnak, front row - Dummar family (husband and Bonnie), Tiffany Dummar, Nephi Dummar, Pam Pett.

Here are the Cops: left to right - Amy Baumgartner, Vicki, Alyce Dribnak, Janae Ambrose, Melissa Lambson, Troy Pett, Brian Lambson.

So in one car was me, Amy, and Alyce, in the other was Melissa, Brian, Janae, and Troy. While we had to wait in the back of the school for 5 minutes we tried to come up with a game plan. We left after 5 minutes and started searching. Boy did the little kid come out in everyone!! We started in one neighborhood by Parkridge School making our way to a field. We started to turn down a road and then both Amy and Alyce screamed something and scared me half to death, but they just wanted me to go a different way. So a slammed on my brakes in the middle of the street and started backing up, just as I did we all three saw someone booking it across the street, WE GOT YOU we screamed!! Hurray for us. So off to the field to search, I thought for sure someone was hiding in the field off the side of my neighborhood, because I saw a reflector and the all of a sudden it was gone. Amy saw the same thing too. We tried to be sneaky by pretending to leave, and sneaking back up to the field but we could see anything. We decided to move on. As we were driving towards the church the other car of cops radioed us and said there was already people at the church. Great! We had already waisted to much time! We tried to check out the high school through the meadows, and then we were circling in the Aultz and Barneys driveways, but we were not finding ANYONE. Afterwards we found out we just kept missing Oscar he would keep diving into to the weeds. We finally gave up with the flashlights and I would just use the high beams and turn in circles. We also thought we had Kelby cornered in the highschool but that turned out to be nothing. Everyone else made it to the church.

So now apparently it was time to switch roles and the Cops were now running back to Endeavor with a five minute head start. After we had our strategy we were off. I started sprinting BAD BAD BAD idea I had barley made it too the middle of the Highschool out of breath. We made it to the fence on the other side and I knew I was in trouble, thankfully the rest of us were too. Amy was a runner though and she was doing great. Our goal was to make it too the Chevron station, Alyce and Janae had it and found a place to hide to catch their breath (inside a car!) We cut through the highschool to make it to Chevron and its a good thing we did because I saw Oscar driving on Happy Valley right by the Chevron, if we stuck to the main road we would have been caught. So Amy of course made it to the Chevron station with time to spare while Melissa and I struggled to get there. Then we called it quits and jumped into a friends Vehicle, Sara Adams!! Yes technically that was cheating but I thought I was going to die and my lungs were on FIRE and there was no way I would make it to Endeavor in 40 minutes. I was too terrified of the dark and the boogie man! Yes I am a sissy!

(BTW this was suppose to be kept on the down low but somebody spilled the beans today so I feel like I can say what happened. )
So Sara rescued us and we went and rescued Alyce and Janae. Then we took the long way to Endeavor. We were still paranoid we were going to get caught so we did a 'drive by' past Endeavor. *smile* We even made Sara take us to the back of the school and we waited until she was gone to come up. Then we hid in a ditch in case them came by and wouldn't get to suspicious of the time. On our way there we saw 3 different police cars, one even had it's lights on. We thought it was going to pull Sara over but it just passed us. So I guess with the first round some neighbors had called in some suspicious activity in the area. I guess that makes me feel like I live in a good area where people are looking out for each other. It turns out somebody had called the cops on Brian since he hid behind their wood pile!!! hahahahahahaha (funny after the fact). They let him go once they realized we were only playing a game, the 'cops' had showed up and convinced the officer he was truly playing a game.

So Oscar's story is this, he was the robber the first time. He booked it down Victory and hid in a ditch by our subdivision when he thought it had been 5 minutes and saw a car coming. Realizing it wasn't us he took off again sprinting to Grey's lane. Then he saw more cars coming so he tried jumping over a fence into a ditch. He cleared the first barbed wire fence, but didn't see the 2nd one right behind it, so this is what happened.......

While he is laying there he sees in the cars passing lights he is steaming because he is so hot and thought for sure he was busted. The cars kept passing so he got up and ran and then hit the ground again because of a car. This time it was one of the other guys he was on the ground behind their car and somehow they missed him. So they drove off and he started running again through all the fields (Aultz and Barneys) This is when we came and was looking. We gave up so he started booking it, and he made it to the church by running through some more fields and army crawling through ditches!! Way to go honey! So sorry about your leg and of course your pants, I told you not to wear them.

So today after feeling guilty because we did cheat I found out that the others cheated TOO!!!! Kelby, Tiffany, and Pam HITCH HIKED a ride, those stinkers!! Now I definitely do not feel bad for what we did. What made it more unbelievable was that Tiffany was the one that kept hounding us at the 'rules' and then she of all people breaks them. STINKER! But we still had an awesome time.

So Oscar and I figured out the only people who didn't' cheat were Nephi (1st), Lanson (2nd), Oscar, Eric, the Dummars family members (Bonnie and her husband), Troy, and Brian that turns out to be exactly half! Oscar is the only one who ended up with visable battle wounds, but a lot of us including me had lung and breathing problems the rest of the night. Today when ever I would laugh I could feel the raspy stuff in my chest.

We have been talking about this all day today and Oscar and Zachary are jealous they didn't get to do it. I told them they get to play capture the flag when they go camping. And also looking back we would have done so many different things, but that's how it always is. We loved this so much we'll have to do it again. Thanks Tiffany and Nephi for an AWESOME night.

P.S. The boys were still able to make it to the fights to see the 'Title Fight' so everyone was happy. *smile*

Monday, November 10, 2008

Twilight Character Quiz

So I finally took the quiz and ........

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

I made Oscar take it and............I also predicted this too Jessica *wink*

I'm a Jasper! I found out through Which Twilight Male Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

Raking Leaves


During the summer we LOVE our trees in the backyard! They're great for shade, climbing, and lounging in the hammock, but come autumn it's just a mess and a LOT of work!

Oscar started Zachary early this morning raking the front while he got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters. GROSS! So this afternoon when it warmed up I took the boys to the backyard to do some more raking!

I told myself no more than a hour of work, yah right! I had hungry kids and the sun was going down and starting to get cold. So we needed more 'breaks' apparently *wink*

Here we are working as a team!

Oscar finished up the next day with the lawn mower. He did one final cut and picked up the rest of the leaves. We bagged them all up and then took them over to Bishop Ashton's for his compost pile. Boy am I glad that chore is DONE. Until next year. *smile*

What would you do?


Parker comes home with a balloon he got from a restaurant. I told him to hang on to it, but when does he listen? So up up up it goes, thankfully it was in the house, but that's a problem too. I told him he would have to wait for Daddy to get home to get it down, I don't think he liked that option. Oh well.

So after dinner Daddy see's the balloon up there and I just sit and watch his mind go to work. hehehehehe He started by taking a stuffed pumpkin and throwing it at the balloon. He claims it is to get it towads the middle of the room, after a dozen tries it moves an inch. *smile*. Then Lil O joins in the mastermind work.
And well.................................................have a look for yourself.

I'm just glad nobody was hurt!

Tah Dah!!!!

20 minutes after it's down, yep it went sailing up again! Good Grief!

Happy Birthday to Me


Happy Birthday To Me!

So since I'm the only one to update our blog I guess I have to make an entry for myself, can't overlook a special day right?!

As I think back over the years of my birthday this is what I can remember: As a kid we would have cake & ice cream and my grandparents would come over to celebrate. I had a party once with kids, I think I was eight. One of my birthday's I was given a surprise party but I'm such a dunce I don't know how old I was. I remember voting for a President on my birthday too. I always remember Halloween Candy and decorations since my birthday is just 3 days afterwards, and one of my good friends while growing up (Kenda Gadish) birthday is on Halloween. After marriage my birthday was forgotten or put off three years in a row, mostly because of hunting!!! (that doesn't happen anymore) And one year even though it was remembered somebody feel asleep in the Restaurant!! But I'm not bitter anymore, I just laugh. In 2004, I didn't celebrate because all three kids had the chicken pox! I remember getting a chocolate birthday cake and not being able to eat it, because I was nursing Mason and apparently it didn't agree with his stomach. But then last year I will always remember because I went to the Boise Temple to take out my Endowments, Oscar met me in the waiting room there and then showed me my present - a new car, and then I was able to have lunch with some great friends. Yep I have some great memories.

This year I didn't have a party, but my loving husband Oscar took me out to dinner and waited until after we had ordered to give me my present. Two tickets to see TWILIGHT!!! WOW I was very excited. I guess he is starting to pay attention to things that interest me, plus I can't stop talking about it, and I have the countdown on the blog. Thanks honey you're the best!!

I had a few phone calls throughout the day one even with my sick sister and her kids yelling/singing Happy Birthday, thanks Sis. I even got to celebrate for a couple of days after, with well wishes and cute gifts. Thanks Jessica for the yummy lunch, next time we go without the kids *wink*

So I do this for my kids and family so I guess I have to do it for myself:

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birtdhay to me
Happy Birthday to Vicki
Happy Birthday to me!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lil O's 1st Hunting Trip


Okay so its started. My little guy, yes my baby (he always will be), went with his dad this morning to go hunt some quail and pheasants. I was a mother hen making sure he had enough warm clothes piled up the night before so he wouldn't freeze. I also reminded him that he didn't need to act tough and let his dad know if he got cold.

Getting ready to pull out of the driveway.

Gasing up

So the total count was Dave Perry (who they went with) got 2 quail and one pheasant, Daddy got 1 quail, and Lil O got to take a couple of shots. Good for a first time I'm told.

Walking in:

Oscar and Dad

Oscar, Dave's Dog, and Lil O

From the smiles on their faces it looks like they had a great time. Zachary didn't want to be left out so when Dad got home they pulled out his air soft pistol he got for his birthday. Here he is trying to shoot it.

I banned the gun after both of them (Dad and Zachary) were getting pretty lazy about gun safety! I won't embarrass them by saying what was done, just that the gun has been put away.

Happy Halloween


Ah Halloween has come again. What a busy day. We started earlier in the week by decorating our pumpkins with clay or paint. Parker and Mason loved it.

We didn't carve our pumpkins until today and what a job that turned out to be!! They were suppose to be apart of the decorations for our 'trunk' at the ward 'Trunk or Treat'. All but the Dragon are Williamson originals. Parker came up with his design all by himself (the one with the square eyes) although mom cut it. Mason chose what kind he wanted his to be to doesn't it look like a happy pumpkin? Here is how that turned out.

I'm so glad we're done carving!!! Here they are at the trunk or treat.

Mason - Clifford The Big Red Dog (not a devil puppy)

Parker - Spiderman

Zachary - Ninja

Oscar - Hunter

I told them once their buckets were full of candy we had to stop, so Zachary and Oscar tried to be sneaky and brought another bucket! The boys got lots of candy at the ward trunk or treat. But of course it wasn't enough so they also went trick or treating. We met up with some friends in the Meadows - Kip & Jessica Dribnak, Kelby & Alyce Dribnak, Carter Andrews (Tendra was passing out candy), and Neil Adams (Sara was passing out candy).

It was amazingly WARM for Halloween! I can't remember the last time that I didn't have to stuff the boys winter coats under their costumes. I don't remember seeing so many trick or treaters out either. It was a lot of fun for all of us, and now we have candy that will last forever!! Especially because I'm the mean mom and don't let them pig out and plus I need some too. *wink*

Hope your Halloween was fun and enjoyable too.

Parker's Hair

My Parker is such a character. I have been blessed with a strongwilled, determined, stubborn child (so a lot like me and my side of the family) I pray this will be a blessing to him throughout his life. However.....right now it would be okay if he layed off a little. *wink*

Our latest battle ground has become his hair. Yes his hair!! Every morning was a fight to get him to comb his hair decent. So after a bunch of arguements, tears, and encouragement from daddy, we have decided he can do his hair the way he wants to during the week and I get to do it on Sunday. Just to give you a taste of how it is during the week, here are some of Parker's masterpieces.

(some pictures its hard to tell if you want the full affect click on picture it will get bigger)

This one is my favorite *wink*

What cracks me up is his victorious smile he has on his face when he leaves the house for school. Also him winking and pointing at himself in the mirror, guess he gets that one from his dad! *wink*