Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Copycat!

Every night we gather as a family for scriptures and stories before bed. This particular night (like most) Lily wanted to eat, so I sat on the couch with a blanket and fed her while we read stories. I thought it was business as usual until I looked over at Mason and started giggling silently because I didn't want to disrupt the story. Oscar looked up at me and I signaled for him to get the camera. Here is what we found.......

Mason decided his baby was hungry and needed to be fed too, 'like mommy does it' he says. But I don't think he wanted his picture taken at that moment. I don't blame you Mason, Mommy wouldn't want her picture taken either. *smile

His baby must have bit him?? *smile*

See mom it's my baby!

I will never forget this moment and now I have proof when he is older. *wink*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason


Happy Birthday Mason!!

Mason has been so excited for his birthday, he has asked about it at least once a week since Lily was born. He wanted to have his own party since he watched his brothers have theirs and Lily have a baby shower. I asked him want he wanted for his birthday (every time he asked if it was his party day) and he always said Pizza and he wanted to have his friends over to play. He would always change his mind about what he wanted for presents or what he wanted to do at the party, it was always an interesting conversation. *smile*

We decided to make pizza at his party and play some fun games. So when his friends came we sat down to make their own pizzas. It was fun watching each one of them put together their pizzas. While the pizzas cooked we played 'musical pillows' and 'duck duck goose'.

We sang 'Happy Birtday' and watched Mason blow out his candles. Then they got to eat their pizza creations and have some cupcakes and ice cream too.

Opening presents was very cute! One of his friends Beni was so happy to be there she wanted to be in all the pictures *smile* She was so cute I loved it, she is very comfortable in front of the camera. We had Mason pose with each of his friends who gave him presents, so he could remember who gave him what.

Thank you to all his friends who came to his party. He was so happy he had a permanent grin on his face all day!