Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oscar's Track Season 2011

April - May 2011
This was the first year Oscar was on the Track team, he wishes he would have discovered his love of running much earlier. However, he worked hard and had a great season. He competed in four events, the 1600 meter run (mile), the 800 meter run (1/2 mile), the 4 x 400 relay, and the high jump. The first meet of the season was on Oscar's birthday, and it was COLD! Most of his track meets were not warm, except for District's and it was HOT that day! He also had the opportunity to run the mile in the YMCA Invitational where he ran a 5 minutes 40 seconds.  His PR's (personal record) this year were for the mile 5:36, the 800m 2:30, his time in the 4x400m 1:08, and the high jump 4'5"

Here are some pictures of him.

He had a great season and is already looking forward to next year in high school.  Way to go Oscar! *smile* 

Pinewood Derby

April 5, 2011

Tonight was Parker's 1st Pinewood Derby competition.  He had a great time getting his car ready.  He had it all pictured out in his mind what he wanted it to look like.   He was able to use the tools from Brother Spencer to shape his car, then he had to sand it, then he had to paint it.  When it came down to the details he wanted to use the stickers he had in his Star Wars Book.  I think it turned out really good.  The last thing that needed to be added was weight, which daddy did right before the race.

He was able to race his car four times, and placed as following 4th, 2nd, 4th, 1st.  Here is the race where he came in 4th, he was a little bummed but was a happy camper about it.

 This is the race he placed 2nd.  A very happy camper *smile*
 After awhile Mason a Lily decided you had a better view laying down by the finish line *smile*

We learned a bit more about this race again, even after having two boys go through it, mostly if you don't do ALL the tips you're offered your car won't do as well as you would like.  And somehow Dad's involvement needs to be limited.  Through all of it though Parker was very happy for his friend Haken Stewart who placed 1st!  Until next time.......

General Conference

April 2-3, 2011

It was time to listen to our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and the church leaders speak to us during General Conference.  It has become a tradition to have packets for each of the kids to complete while listening to conference, and to have treats to snack on.  This year since it was close to Easter we had jellybeans and chocolate eggs.  Even with all our preparation someone eventually gets bored, or falls asleep, or trys to sneak off, or starts goofing off!  So I thought I would capture some of these moments *smile*

Daddy was the first to fall victim to the sleep bug (as usual) so he was the first to get picked on!  He is currently modeling the 'jellybean in the ear' look *smile*

The boys thought it was funny to keep making Lily go into the tent and watch her hair stick straight up, full of static electricity
 And Zachary.................well we're not quite sure what he was thinking!  HAHAHA
We were also able to capture a cute/serious side of conference too.  Lily had to stand up front by the TV for each prayer.

And she loved to sing and dance each time the choir sang.
Can't wait to see what October brings *smile*

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hanging Out INDOORS

March 2011

Sometimes even though you're tired of being inside, you don't have much choice.  AND soooo here are a few things we did to entertain ourselves.

Mason and Lily liked watching movies in the laundry basket *smile*

 Lily has really LOVED playing with her dolly's lately.
 Ahhhhh how cute!
Mason and Parker were sooo bored they decided to shake things up a bit and change their sleeping arrangements.  Parker decided his bed was too comfortable and the floor was much too enticing!  He must be going through hot flashes too, since he is sleeping on the blanket instead of under it.  *smile*  Mason must be having the same hot flashes (explains the sudden moodyness too), but he also thought it would be fun/comfortable to sleep with his chairs on his bed *wink*
Here is another night of sleeping!  I am still giggling just looking at this picture!  I can't possibly imagine what Mason was thinking here.  It does appear that his eyes are open, but that is only gravity's doing.  Trust me he was SOUND asleep!
 This is Zachary's attempt at either looking like Santa or......ummmm......maybe waisting time doing the dishes??  I know he's trying to see what dish soap tastes like! hahahaha *smile

COLD and Air Soft Wars

March 2011

We have been cooped up inside for toooo long, and the older boys (Oscar and Zachary) had enough.  They rounded up all their guns, gear, and ammunition to have an airsoft war.  It was FREEZING and raining outside, but they still went out there and had a blast!  I must admit I was having fun standing at the window giggling at them, watching all their quorky antics!

Ahhhh I love my boys! *smile*


March 2011

Well I guess it is safe to say we got our fair share of snow and COLD this year.  We always seemed to take advantage of the opportunities to play in the stuff too.

If you look really close you can see really neat shapes to the snow flakes!  Some of them actually look like the ones we make ourselves for decorations.

 Here we are looking at what mother nature left us overnight *smile*

 Mason wanted to eat some snow, I think he just got cold feet! *smile*

Once we got him all dressed for the weather, he went out to help shovel the stuff.  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself very much.  *smile*

 Now that he was completely soaked and freezing, it was time for hot chocolate!

Oscar III Eagle Project

March 5, 2011

Oscar, aka Otown, aka Lil O, decided for his Eagle Project to make Child Identification Cards.  The cards would have a picture of the child, fingerprints, height, weight, hair and eye color, and a place for other pertinent information.  His goal was to have these made for parents to have on hand for 72 hour kits and in case of an emergency.  He worked hard to get the word out to all those family's in our stake, and he ended up having a good turnout. 

He is an example of one of the ways he got word out.  He made these and put them in the foyer on each side of the chapels in our stake.  He also connected via email all the Relief Society presidents and Elder's Quorum presidents to announce in their wards.

Here is Oscar with our friend Josh Tuft the night before the project.  Josh was so helpful with the technology side of things.  He got him set up with WebCams, a color printer, and he agreed to come help out the day of.  Here he is showing him how everything is going to work, THANK YOU JOSH!!!
 This is the morning of getting everything set up before everyone arrives *smile*

Oscar was able to get some local companies to donate to his Eagle Project and made a poster displaying those companies.  (Forsgren Associates, Legacy Lending, and Washington Trust Bank)

Here Oscar is showing some of the volunteers how to run the program set up to take the pictures of the children and enter the necessary information before printing.

Using the webcam to take their pictures.  This is our friend The Warrick's daughter, she did great!

Fingerprinting station....
Measuring station for height and weight.
 Here parents filled out the individual information about each of their children, like eye and hair color etc.

 Waiting to have picture taken and information entered into the computer.
 This is how Oscar had the baby's fingerprints taken, very messy, but effective *smile*
 More data entry..
 This is the laminating and cutting station.
He even had a place for the children to wait and watch a movie.

I was very pleased with the way he had things organized and how it all came together.  He did an AMAZING job!  His goal has always been to complete his Eagle Project while 13 years old.  He had his board of view April 6th the day before his 14th birthday!  He is now and Eagle Scout!  Great Job Oscar!  We are all so very proud of you! *smile*