Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look At The Size of These......



I went out to the garden again today especially for tomatoes and found some gigantic ones. I planted two different varities this year, I usually only plant early girls, and the other kind produces HUGE tomatoes. I have several that are still green but enormous. The boys thought they were so cool, so I took a few pictures to remind us how big they were.

Here are my three monkeys:

See No Evil.....

Say No Evil....

Hear No Evil........

Now how could those pretty faces ever be evil?! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Blowing Bubbles With Grandma


Today I had a dentist appointment this morning so 'Moose' Grandma came to play with Mason. When he was smaller we had to think of distractions to keep him busy while I left. One of those distractions he loved, BUBBLES!! It's not much of a distraction anymore because he is okay with me leaving now, but he still LOVES to blow bubbles.

Thanks Grandma for playing with Mason, he loved it!

Parker's 1st Soccer Practice

Parker has been waiting for this day for a couple of weeks now. He was so excited when he found out Daddy was going to be his coach and that two of his best friends Haken Stewart and McKenna Dribnak were on his team.

I loved watching Oscar inneract with the kids, he has such a gift to get their attention and help them understand.

He had them follow him around the yard 'dribbling' the soccer ball.

He had them try to 'tag' him with their soccer balls.

I think this year is going to be a lot of fun.

Mommy's Little Helper


Today I started the process of canning some of the yummy veggies from our garden. Mason of course insisted that he help, so I let him. He had to have an apron just like mommy too. We started with the green beans.

I showed him how to wash them off, and brake them in half. I was having a hard time keeping up with him, I had to brake the tips off first before he broke them in half.

He loved it so much he wanted to help with the tomotoes and the carrotts too.

I drew the line at the peppers and onions for the salsa though, it was rough enough for me. I would stand at the sink with my eyes BURNING while chopping onions, and then I was coughing so much from the jalepenos it was very distressing. At the end of the morning we had green beans and salsa canned our first of many batches to come.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Excited about Twilight Movie


So I just recently finished reading Breaking Dawn and LOVED it (I love them all). Like all the rest of the books, they are stuck in my mind for weeks on end after finishing them. So I was surfing the net about Twilight news and came across this music video with the trailer for Twilight. I liked it sooo much that I thought I would share.

Enjoy!! Can't wait for the movie!

Monday, August 25, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow?


With tomatoes and carrotts, peppers, onions and beans, and most of all potatoes galore!!

I've been watching my garden and wondering if things were ready to be harvested, then I got busy and forgot. So this morning I decided to look again and I found all of this!!

Boy I sure do have a lot of work ahead of me canning our yummy veggies!! I can't wait for the fresh salsa, our favorite.

P.S. I have WAY too many jalepenos!! All four of my plants took off, if you want any PLEASE call me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parker and Zachary's First Day of School


So today was the big day! Parker started kindergarten which he has been on the countdown for ever since summer began. Zachary is in the 3rd grade this year and is ready to make some new friends.

Parker had a shortened day today about an hour in the classroom, and his best friend wasn't there McKenna Dribnak. I tried to explain that she would be coming later with the 2nd half of the class but he didn't get it and I was confused too so I ended up saying "You'll see her tomorrow". Parker was a little bit too excited, comfortable, and loud today. I sure hope he remembers the rules in kindergarten Nice, Safe, and Listen, especially the listen part. He was the only one that kept laying on the floor when his teacher told them to sit and would blurt out the answer before he raised his hand. Hope it's better when I'm not there tomorrow. Funny thing is when I talked to Jessica about it, McKenna had the same problems, Oops! hehehehehehe They are way to much alike. I'm sure they'll both get the hang of it eventually.

Zachary really liked his teacher and new a few kids in his class. He was super excited about not having much homework and he got to see Zayne Sedrick in the hall. I'm sure he'll do great this year too.

Oscar's 1st Day Of Middle School


Well it is now official Oscar is growing up way too fast! He is now in the 6th grade at East Valley Middle School. *sniff sniff*

He was so happy and nervous (just a little bit) this morning before he left with Daddy (or is it Dad now?) at 7:30 am!!

He was able to find all of his classes, open his locker on the first attempt, and even had at least person he knew in each of his classes. That is of course for his last class math which just so happens to be Pre-Algebra!!! What's the big deal about that, well it happens to be an 8th grade class and he is the only 6th grader in it!!!!! I'm proud of him for his accomplishments, but scared to death of the bigger kids, what if they pick on him?! Yah I would probably be the embarrassing mom that would let the kids have it if they did, but I don't know that I could embarrass Oscar unless it was absolutely necessary. We shall see.

Oscar's Triathlon

We traveled to Rexburg Idaho this weekend for Oscar to participate in his first ever Triathlon!! The Rush Triathlon was a whole new experience for both of us! Here is Oscar trying out some of his gear the night before. *smile*

He started bright and early Saturday morning with a half mile swim which he completed in just over 23 minutes. Woo Hoo Here is Oscar with his buddy Tyler who came up from Utah to compete with him.

Then it was transition to the bike, which took about 4 minutes because he high fived all the boys and gave me a good luck kiss *blush*

Looking happy for his 14 mile bike ride which included some pretty steep hills, like the one by the temple.

We stoped on the way to get him some McDonalds and here he is taking a sip and starting on his 3 mile run.

He's almost done just 3/4 around the track and....

He made it in 1 hour 51 minutes ruffly.

WoooooHooooo Oscar way to go we're all so proud of you for sticking to it!!

I love listening to Oscar tell about his experiences, just like this one. He told us how it really helped when people would cheer and give you encouragement. He talked about how he was texting friends while on his bike, high fiving all the volunteers, and even talking to the people on the street. hehehehehe. If you want to read Oscar's version of what happened here is a link to it.

I think he is already planning on doing it again next year, and Oscar and Zachary seem a little bit interested to do it too. We'll see *wink*

Twin Falls Temple with the Family


On our way down to Pocatello Oscar agreed to stop at the Twin Falls Temple Open House. There were a lot more people than the week prior, but I'm glad the boys were able to have this experience.

Thanks a bunch honey for going with us. We love you lots!!! You're the BEST!

Settler's Park


For Monday's in the Park we went to Settler's Park in Meridian. It was a lot of fun and we invited my sister Teresa and her kids to join us. Here are some pics.

The rocks were fun to climb



Oscar and Zachary

Having fun with my park buddy, Abigail Young

My neice Kennedy...

My Neice Raegan..

Here is Oscar with my nephew Jaxson in the spy tower.

We had lots of fun. I spent most my time spinning around trying to keep track of all of them, it was a huge park and lots of people.