Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day!

I went to bed on Saturday night exhausted, but I could still hear Oscar, Zachary, and Daddy, running around the house trying to get something ready for Mother's Day the next morning. I woke up as usual early so I could get myself ready for church, I had just finished up when Dad came in and said "Do you want some breakfast?" Wow of course I do, and I don't have to fix it? He had that 'grin' on his face, so I followed him to the kitchen and found this.

Oscar, Zachary, and Daddy made breakfast!! All the boys were sitting at the table with big smiles on their faces, it was wonderful. I went around the table and gave them all kisses, and Parker told me that when I smile it makes him smile. How sweet! I had some beautiful tulips in water and another vase of beautiful origami ones I can keep forever. I also had a beautiful card and hersery kisses that say 'I Love You'. What a great family.

Parker made me these at school during the week. We can't wait to see what kind of a flower it turns out to be, Parker claims it's a tree though.

I did not have to cook or clean up all day! I tried once because I was starving but the boys quickly took over. I did however, make my own dessert 'cheesecake' because they really didn't know what they were doing, and I didn't want it messed up. Everyone was kind to each other all day, and we were entertained by a show on the trampoline as we ate dinner. What a wonderful Mother's Day I enjoyed this year. I hope all you moms had a great day too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

This Week We...

We finally completed the task of moving our computer cable line out to the kitchen/living room area and out of our 'office', which has now officially become 'Oscar's Bedroom'. Neil Adams helped Oscar move the cable, thanks a bunch!

Oscar had to get into the crawl space which is in one far corner of the house and crawl to the office which is clear on the opposite corner. I hate our crawl space and will NOT go near it to peak in so I had no real idea what was down there, but my imagination always got going. I hear the word spiderweb and I was gone. Well evidently we have all sorts of pipes, vents, insulation, plastic, and spiderwebs down there, which doesn't leave much room for crawling around. As you can see............

Thankfully he made it all the way across and got the wire moved. This is the new home of the computer now-a-days! I like the location because it is in a open area where I can see everything the kids are doing, no sneaky stuff.

Parker and Mason have been getting along AWESOME this week! They have done art projects, played army with their 'guys', and made art molds out of homemade playdoh. Here are some of their masterpieces.

Parker has been entertaining us with his fashion sense, much to his daddy's delight and mommys embarrassment.

Mason has been wanting to do everything 'By Myself' lately like, open the car door, put on and off his seat belt, get dressed (which includes picking out what to wear), and saying his prayers. Well one night dad decided to record his prayer since they are so cute, wacky, and hillarious all at the same time. So here it is. Below is the interpretation, according to daddy, of what he says.

And Jesus be healthy, And Jesus Kill the King, And Jesus be healthy, And Jesus, get a Elk…and a deer, And be healthy, And Jesus, Uhhhhhmmmm bless us, And, for the King, And ummmmm go to church, every day, And bless the food, with our pancakes, And nacho Beebrey (Libre) , and Jesus Christ a…..Blark blark, and Jesus Christ says…Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Daddy went out again this week Bear Baiting with Neil Adams and Carter Andrews. Basically they get a bunch of old, rotten, stinky food and take it up to the hills to a 'Bait Site' and dump it for the bears to come eat. Then once they know the bears are coming they sit in a tree stand and wait to 'get' one of them. Anyway on this night they had their boat full of bait and pushed off the shore into the white water and somehow LOST an oar, good grief! I would have peed my pants but men dont do that right *wink* They managed to get back to shore, find some guy and borrowed paddles to get across, hiked their bait into the site, and cross back over to arrive safely home.

I was all oblivious to this of course because I was enjoying a 'girl night' watching 'Bride Wars' and laughing histarically. What a cute movie.

I wish I had a camera at this moment, but I didn't, at least I got to see it and experience it. Lil O has been playing soccer for 4 1/2 years, and has been doing great each year. However he has not managed to score a goal for his team. He really wanted to score this year and he was finally able to this last game in the final seconds of the game. He was going up to the goal, made it into the goalie box, when he was fouled from behind with a slide kick. This means he gets a penality kick into the goal without anyone around except him and the goalie. I was holding my breath hoping he would make it, and when he did I was cheering the loudest on the sidelines. I'm sure all the other parents thought I was crazy (I know Zachary was), but I didn't care I was happy for him. I guess they didn't see his dad on the other side of the field doing a celebration dance, punch the air cheer, which I thought was more embarrassing than mine. *wink* Way to go Oscar!!

And last but not least we were finally able to plant the garden. I have been nervous to put my plants out there because of the crazy weather and the frost. We were able to squeeze 8 tomato plants, onions, cucumbers, 4 green peppers, 1 jalepeno, lettuce, green beans, and 10 potato mounds. I sure hope the weather copperates with us and we don't loose anything. While we were out there we noticed a BUNCH of green cherries! Yah the blossoms survived the frost, with divine intervention I believe. So now we are looking forward to harvest time!

Way To Go Zachary


This past month in cub scouts Zachary has been working hard to receive a special award called "Leave No Trace Awareness". He had to learn about the rules of the outdoors and make a poster about it, for example manange your pets, and trash your trash. He had to go outdoors on three seperate outings and practice the rules. One of those outtings was a field trip to Wilson Ponds to observe wildlife, obey the rules, pick up trash, and take pictures. He also had to do a bunch of activities with the family in the outdoors, like have a picnic. He assembled a fanny pack full of essentials like pocket knife, water bottle, compass, trail mix, etc. He then had to take this along on his field trip.

Part of Pack Meeting this month was a wildlife photo contest. These are the pictures Zachary entered. He could only enter two, but I'm sure he took over 50, he was camera happy!! The first one is a goose in flight, the second is a goose family with their 9 little goslings!

This was his reward, a King Size chocolate bar and his Leave No Trace patch. (he can't wait to devor his Candy Bar!)

Congratulations Zachary for working hard and accomplishing your goal. We are very proud of you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jumpin On The Tramp

Even though we've had some crazy weather lately the boys have taken every opportunity to get outdoors between storms. The trampoline has been one of their favorite places. So with all that jumping, Zachary figured out how to do a front flip last weekend.

He was so proud of himself that he wanted his dad to try it too. So of course dad wasn't about to back down to the challenge. Too bad I couldn't get video because the whole time dad was jumping he was afraid he was going to die and voiced his feelings really well. :) Notice the facial expressions.

Mason saw the camera come out so he got up on the tramp and shouted 'Take a picture of me' and 'Daddy watch, Watch Daddy'

What will they figure out next?

And the Winner Is....

Okay so this is a couple of months overdue, but....... Better Late Than Never.

Oscar entered a cake in the Elders Quorum cookoff this year. He had the great idea of making a '24' cake. It doubled as a birthday cake for one of his friends Kip Dribnak whose birthday was the same day. It was also a play on words since '24' is the series Oscar has been watching with his friends for the past year once a week, and we are in the '24th Ward'.

Oscar won first place in the dessert category!! The great part about the cake was the funny sayings all over it.

Great Job Honey!! We can't wait to see what you'll do next year.