Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well we knew this day would come and it has all too soon.  We have moved.  Thankfully it was only down the street.  We didn't change wards or schools so pretty much the kids routines haven't been messed up to much.  Since it was such a stressed thing I didn't even think of pulling the camera out to take pictures of the actual move.  I felt like I was in a race though.  For a couple months prior to the big move I had been packing boxes and moving them down to the new house trying to make the day of a smooth transition.  I knew we would have friends helping us with the big stuff and I didn't want to keep them from their families for too long.  I also didn't want to be one of those families who wasn't ready for the movers to come.  So when 10 of Oscar's friends showed up and started lifting I was trying to stay two steps ahead of them packing up the remaining stuff.  WOW!  My parents decided to come up for the weekend and help out and I am SOOOOO thankful that they did, it would have been more difficult if they didn't.  My dear friend Sara helped me out by watching my three youngest so I wouldn't have to worry about them.  THANK YOU!!

So now we are officially moved OUT of the old house and slowly settling IN to the new house.  We have accumulated so much stuff it's unbelievable!  So I guess it's a good time to sale, donate, sale, and donate again! 

The first week we had such a huge maze in the house I lost Lily a couple of times.  I could hear he muffled sounds and would panic!  One time she found somebody's pudding they didn't finish and thought it was a good idea to take a bath in it...

When we started having some nice weather the boys were finally able to play with their sprinkler they got for Easter.  It was a little windy so it was a little chilly but they still wanted to play.

Lily wanted to be outside too, so I set a blanket under the willow tree in the back yard so she could watch her brothers.

This one is my favorite of her.  Love her to pieces.

We had our first campfire too.  We tried to race the the weather and the weather ended up winning so we ate our hotdogs in the garage, and then we had our smores in the house.  The boys are all excited to do it again when we have nice weather.

I nearly had a HEART ATTACK though!!  Dad Oscar told Lil O to go get the ax from the garage so we could make some kindling for the fire.   I went with him to show him where it was, but he was faster than I was.  He had it in his hands and I was about to tell him to turn it around and point it down when all of a sudden he tripped over something and was going down!  I screamed in HORROR watching him fall and not being able to do anything to stop it!  I know he had his guardian angels surrounding him because he only got nicked in a few places and a slight cut over his thumb and forefinger!  I cried more than he did and thought I was going to be the one going to the hospital!  We doctored him up and he went back out to the fire.  I stayed in the house a bit longer getting control of myself and saying a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving before I went back out.  My heart still races as I think about it.

While we were out at the fire we heard some bird noises coming out of the bushes by us.  Since the weather came in the boys were checking it out the next day.  They were on a mission.

They ended up spookin quail out of the bushes. *smile*

Lily trapped Zachary in the pantry and was pretty proud of herself too.

Parker lost two teeth in two weeks and now is sportin a new look *wink*.  His first experience with the tooth fairy didn't go so well he woke up with his tooth still there.  Zachary told him it was because he didn't believe in the tooth fairy.  So the next night I told him to write a note to the tooth fairy.  He wrote 'I believe in the tooth fairy' and when he woke up he had $1 in quarters.  He wanted to argue all morning that it was $1.50 though, good grief!!

It is amazing to me how much our new house is already starting to feel like home.  It is a tremendous blessing to me to feel at ease here.  I just have to remeind myself of all my blessings and not focus on all the negative things right now.  My family is together under a roof that keeps us safe, they are healthy and strong, and we have the gospel in our lives.  There are so many to be thankful for.  We are truly blessed!  Thanks to all our friends and family who have helped/supported us make this move/transition smooth and positive for us.  We love and appreciate you.

The Month Of May

May at our house FLEW by!!  We have been so busy with the end of the school year stuff and preparing for a move that I haven't kept up our blog.  Here are some of the things we did this month.

We got out the Dance Dance Revolution game and had some fun competing against each other.  Here is Lily showing us her dance moves too.

She also started doing this weird surprised/silly/smile face....

Oscar got a woopie cushion for his birthday and when he would deflate it by Lily she would make this face...

Since we've been putting Lily in her dresses more often, and she doesn't seem to like to crawl with bare knees, she now does the 'Mogli Crawl' (she is amazingly FAST too!)

We all had fun playing hide-n-seek one evening too.  We had some silly hiding places like these obvious ones....

and this obvious-but-not-so-obvious-one since Zachary could not find me!  He looked in the closet at least 4 times!!

Zachary performed in his school program all about Idaho History.

His part was to do a square dance!  I loved it, but I swear Zachary tries his hardest to look like he is not enjoying himself, but I KNOW he is!  Stinker *smile*

One night Mason was so fussy that Zachary shared his MP3 player with him.  About 10 minutes later I went to check on him and found him sound asleep!!  WOW!

Oscar was honored one evening for his excellence in technology.  We were invited to a baked potato dinner following an awards ceremony where he was awarded for......  Most of the pictures turned out blurry but still an posting them.

Lily was getting a little antsy, she didn't like to be contained.  She also thought it was fun to talk in her LOUDEST voice right when everyone else got quiet.  She would even start clapping after everyone else was finished, she was soooo cute though!

During the awards they had an AWESOME place for kids 7 and under to play.  They had pizza and drinks, coloring, arts and crafts, dodgeball, and a movie to keep them occupied.  I wasn't so sure about sending Parker and Mason, but once I checked everything out it seemed good.  We checked on them during the awards and they were having a blast!  Mason was watchin a movie and Parker was playing dodgeball!  I think Parker was having a great time (see how red his face is?)

And that's our month of May *smile*