Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Your Daddy This Strong

I think Oscar would be able to stay home from the gym and heft these boys around to get his workout, but don't take my word for it. *smile*





I'm pretty sure daddy was sore the next day, I saw him straining a bit, especially with Zach and Oscar. I'm positive he wouldn't be able to lift me right now, not with the added weight and all. Oscar is a part of a weight loss competition, and I'm gaining the weight he is loosing, good grief!! Oh well at least he's looking good *wink*

Family Home Evening/Fight Night

So our family home evening night started out pretty normal, arguing over who got to lead the music and whining about saying the prayer, typical. However, we were actually able to get through the lesson with minimal interruptions, and good participation!! So I told the boys they could choose the activity, and they all immediately started wrestling with Dad.

I was laughing so hard, but trying to keep Mason from being crushed! After a few minutes I decided Mason could hold his own, and I just started taking pictures.

Well boys will be boys. I knew this would continue all night long, and they kept getting more rowdy. I told them to settle down, but of course I am ignored. So.....this is what happens.

Yep Parker got a tooth knocked out. Yes it was loose, but not really ready to come out yet, but it is now. BTW he is happy now about it, he can stick his tongue through it. He impresses the boys and the girls think it's gross. *smile* Here is our copycat, do you see any teeth missing? *wink*

Hahahahahahahaha gotta love Family Night!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Parker


Today we celebrated Parker's 6th birthday. He had a BLAST, and Daddy and me needed headache medicine afterwards! In all the years of having birthday parties, this was by FAR the loudest and craziest!! We (meaning Oscar) took a ton of pictures so I decided to put it to a slide show. You can tell most everyone enjoyed themselves. Mason was having so much fun you might have thought it was his birthday. We were so happy that my mom and sister came to visit, even Jaxson and Kennedy had fun during the party.

Until next year........*smile*

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year

We're a little late on the Holiday stuff, but better late than never (that's what they say). We've been busy, lazy, ill, traveling, and/or computer problems, take your pick for the excuses of not updating our blog. We hope you all had a great Holiday Season.

I've gone through my pictures and memories of the last couple of months and thought I would do a quick update of what we've been up to.

I went to my first ever midnight viewing of a new release movie on Friday Nov 21st to see TWILIGHT. I went with some of my girl friends and had a great time. We went out to dinner before and then we sat in our seats for a couple of hours waiting for it to start. I was glad I didn't have to sit on the hard floor in the hall. I was pleasantly surprised I ended up liking the movie. I was nervous because the book was so awesome and I had my own pictures in my head of how things should look so I was a little nervous. It turned out okay though.

More funny hairdos courtesy of Mason and of course the always entertaining Parker.

Lots of bird hunting, some with Lil O but mostly Oscar went with his donut buddies Neil and Kip, as you can see from the photos. *wink* I'm told the raspberry filled ones are the lucky ones.

We said goodbye to our missionary friend Elder Harvey. He was transfered over to the Meridian area. We still miss him. Elder Harvey is on the right sitting by Oscar, Elder Jensen is on the left by Zachary.

Messin around

Lil O's hand in taxidermy, he's building a base for a badger mount. Preston Evans is teaching him some of the trade.

Murder Mystery Train ride. The thing I remember the most about this was the excellent food, and being embarrassed by my other enthusiastic husband. He loves to be the center of attention and of course the actors had to pick him to be a part of the act. Do you see him in the background acting like a raptor?

Christmas at the Williamsons was really quiet this year. We celebrated with Moose Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas Eve. Oscar, Zachary, and Parker all got Razor Scooters and were very excited about it. Mason got an electric guitar which he quickly played the part of rocker and it was commandeered by daddy, go figure. Christmas morning wouldn't come quick enough for Oscar and Zachary. I told them they had to stay in their room until 7 but when 7 came and Parker and Mason were still asleep and I was tired, so I sent them back to their rooms until 8. *smile* They had fun finding their names and ripping off wrapping paper. Their most prized gift was the Playstation II. *smile*

Parker looses his 1st tooth. He was whining the whole night about how it hurt and he couldn't eat. I offered to take it out and he went into panic mode. I was able to look at and touch it once and he wouldn't let me get any closer. So while daddy was trying to find something for him to bite into I made him push it forward with his tongue, and it came right out!!! He didn't even know if was out and I had to grab him before he accidentally swallowed it.

Mason was back at it again with his mischief and ended up with gum in his hair!!!! He was doing so well too. The only thing that saved his hair from a bad cut was the peanut butter. I put a big glob in it, and then I got called away to deal with the blasted cable guy who had already been at our house for hours. When I came back to cut it out I realized the peanut butter was actually working and I was able to slowly pick out the gum!! Hallelujah! BTW Mason has not had gum since.

Oscar had to design and build a Mouse Trap Car for a science project. He and his dad spent some late nights working on it. They ended up with two different designs and they were both happy with the results. Oscar placed 1st in his class, the car went 7 meters. Congratulations buddy!

And last but certainly not least, and the major reason the blog has not been updated in quite awhile................

It's amazing that something so small can leave you in a heap on the couch or bed for weeks at a time. We will be welcoming a new little one into our family in mid July, hopefully everything goes smoothly from here on out. It's what I'm praying for healthy and happy for both the baby and me. If you ask my family they probably want to ship me out already, too many mood swings already.

So that about sums it up for now, and I promise to do better and not be such a slacker. *wink*