Tuesday, August 31, 2010

O-Town's 1st Triathalon


Tonight Oscar aka O-Town ran in his 1st triathalon!  He has been watching his dad train and compete in some for the past couple of years and it sparked his interest.  He was really motivated to do one after he saw his dad compete in the Boise Ironman, and the YMCA 'Why Not Tri' was perfect for him.  It was a 1/4 mile swim, 6 mile bike ride, and 1 mile run.  He convinced a friend, Christian Sedrick, to compete too.

Here he is getting all his things ready in his first transition. This looks VERY familar, he couldn't possibly be related to his dad or anything. *wink*

Otown and Christian showing us their 'guns' *smile*

Getting ready to get into the water. He's in the middle with black wetsuit and green stripe on the side

Starting the swim, he's in the middle with the black wetsuit, with a green stripe down the side

Getting out of the water

Transition #1  He wasn't as fast as he wanted to be here.  His shirt didn't want to go on right, it was hard to get socks on wet feet, and tieing his shoes was a challenge *wink*  I thought he was doing GREAT!

Takin off on the bike, Go OSCAR!!  Wooooo whoooooo!  I was the only one cheering, Oscar was takin pictures and Parker and Mason were too chicken to say anything.  I didn't care I was gonna cheer the loudest for my boy!!

It was sooooo HOT that day!  I felt sorry for all the athletes!  Mason found a good way to cool off though *smile*

The end of the bike part.

Headed out for the run.

Finish Line!  He finished the race in 45 minutes 12 seconds!  Wow!  GREAT job Oscar!

We didn't know until he was all down that he CRASHED on his bike!  What the heck?!  He said the kid he was trying to pass swerved into his path and caused him to crash!  Thankfully there were some bushes to cushion his fall, but not save him from scratches and bumps and bruises!  The chain came off and he had to fix that before he could continue the race.  (he was so glad dad showed him how to fix the chain just the night before)  OUCH!

Having some water NOT sucking his thumb!  hehehehehe

Christian and Oscar

Otown and Dad (Mason had to sneak in too *smile*)

The family (except Zachary who had to be at soccer practice, which I thought was CRAP! But that's a different blog)

We were so happy to watch Oscar participate in this event, he did a FANTASTIC job!  He is already planning on doing it again next year.  He really wants to compete in the Rush next year too, but we shall see about that.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Education Week 2010

7/28/10 -7/31/10

I was able to go with a great group of girls down to Rexburg Idaho for Education Week this year.  Last year these girls went right after I had Lily.  When they came back they had nothing to say but excellent things, and I planned on going with them this year.  I had an awesome time!!  I felt like I was so spiritual uplifted and I could accomplish anything after listening to these marvelous teachers.  I will be making this annual event I believe.

Here are the classes I took:
Understanding the Principles of Personal Revelation by Ron Bartholomew (loved!)
Who Is the Woman I See in the Mirror? by Carleen Tanner (loved!)
Teaching Children About Sexuality and Chastity by Brad Wilcox (loved!)
Your Family Legal System: Family Laws and Consequences That Work by Saren Eyre Loosli (okay)
Was It a Prompting, or Was It Just Me by Kevin Hinckley (okay)
From Surving to thriving - Personalizing the Lords' Blueprint for Your Home by Angelle Anderson (so so)
Look Up, Reach Out, Hold On by Brent Top (loved!)
Events Leadin Up to the Millennium by Bruce Satterfield (okay)
Six Functions of the Holy Ghost by Bruce Satterfield (okay)
I also attended a devotional where Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us.

On the last day Sara brought her camera and we walked around the gardens on campus and took some pictures.  It seems like in most of the pictures I was the one who was always being the dork!  What the Heck?  Anyway here are some of those shots.


I love this one of Sara..

We were trying to do our sexy pose, but.......

How'd you like the trick photography? *wink* (Yes I am a dork!)

Here is the house we stayed at in Blackfoot.  Jessica's wonderful Aunt Suzie let us have her basement to sleep in.  She is such a sweet lady, Thanks!  Can you see me in the picture being the dork again? *wink*

This was the last night we spent in Blackfoot.  Tendra is getting ready for the movie.  You can see me holding a lamp and covering my eyes, because I wasn't allowed to look anymore.  You see there was a HUGE spider on the wall any everytime Tendra almost got it I would scream and scare her, so I was assigned this job. hahhaha

Thanks Jessica, Sara, Tendra, and Aunt Suzie!  I had a great time.  Alyce we missed you!

Happy Anniversay


Oscar and I were married 16 years ago on July 23rd. It doesn't seem that long ago, and I really don't feel that much older (except for when I try anything athletic).  We were married in his parent's big back yard, during a break in the rain.  It hadn't rained all summer long until the morning of our marriage.  I was told don't worry it's all gonna be alright, and besides rain on a wedding day is sign of good luck.  Everything did work out and no one got drenched and 16 years later we're still together and madly in love (probably even more so).

Oscar was at boy scout camp on our actual anniversary so we couldn't celebrate the day of, but he did manage to have a very pretty bouquet of 2 dozen pink roses delivered with a 'cute' card.  He had Read Young tell his wife Angie to be the delivery person, boy was I surprised and confused to see her on my front porch with flowers!  I soon figured it out though.  I sure do love this guy!

When he got back from camp he made it up to me though.  He called and told me we had reservations at 'The Mona Lisa' which is a fondue restaurant.  I was reluctant to go because I was in a bad mood, the kids were driving me crazy, and I wanted to go to zumba that evening without a full stomach.  Well, after dragging my feet, venting, and having a fit I agreed to go.  I am sooooo glad I did!

The Mona Lisa was excellent!  We will definitely be going back.  It was very quiet and relaxing and we were given a little cubby to sit in.

We had the four course meal (salad, fondue, meat & veggies, and dessert)  For the main dish they bring a grill to your table so you cook your own meat.  I thought it was strange at first but it turned out to be fun.  All the food was excellent, maybe the setting helped out too.  I was scared about the fondue because my first experience with it didn't go so well, but we chose a pesto one and it was very yummy!  It was hard to choose a dessert one, we ended up with the vanilla carmel one.  They bring you out a tray of fruits and sweets and you dip it in the melted carmel.  It was very tasty, but I was thinking halfway through that we should have gotten the chocolate one (next time)

He surprised me during dinner by saying 'Hey I got something for you'.  I thought how nice, but I didn't get you anything.  He started to get up from the table and I thought he was getting something out of his pocket.  He got what he was after but instead of sitting back down he came around the table to me, then he got down on one knee!  I thought 'What the Heck'.  When he pulled out a little box I was really starting to wonder.  Then he said this "I know you already married me once, but will you marry me again for time and all Eternity?" WOW!!!!!!!!! So what was my first response, 'are you serious?' Oscar - 'Yes' Me -'YES'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wanted to jump up and down and scream, but instead I jumped out to hug him and almost knocked us both over. I was so excited, I couldn't believe it!  It came out of the blue, just like when he told me he had decided to get baptized!  I asked if I could do a happy dance, i don't remember his response, I did one anyway, but just in my seat.  I don't think the smile has left my face yet!!

Here is a picture of the ring, it's sitting on top of the Salt Lake Temple knick knack I have.

Happy Anniversary!  I will remember this anniversary FOREVER!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lily 1st Birthday Party


Today we celebrated Lily's 1st birthday with family and friends.  We had the party in the afternoon so she would be happy after her nap.  She liked her nap so much that she slept longer than I thought she would.  I had so much fun watching her look at all the faces surrounding her, she would smile and bury her face in my shoulder.  She was just barely walking but prefered to be held or she would just stand in one spot.  What a cutie *smile*

View of the party scene.  It was soooo fun to decorate in pink and purple!

Here are the cakes I made for her, this was LOTS of fun too!  Thanks Sara for all the tips!  This first one is the main one.

 This is her very own mini version

This is what all the kiddos who came to the party had

We started with singing and then cake and ice cream.  Here she is waiting, doing her shy face again.

This was her reaction to us singing 'Happy Birthday' to her.  *smile*

Here she is testing the frosting.

She decided it tasted pretty good!

She managed to stay pretty clean, except for the time she reached up to take her ponytail out and got frosting in her hair.  Can you see it sticking straight up?  hahahaha

Present time.  Most of these pictures crack me up because of what the party guest are doing.  Here is Otown flashing the 'williamson' sign.

She got some fingernail polish, pretty glittery kind, thanks Grandma Bullock!

We caught Zachary admiring the fingernail polish!!  hahahahaha

Hey mom don't I look awesome?

We opened this one later after the party guests left.  She got a baby doll from us.  She wasn't too sure about it then, but now she sometimes plays with it.  I should have gotten her a swimming pool, cuz she LOVES the water, oh well.

After the party my sister and I were talking with Otown.  He was laying down on the seat of the picnic table and we splashed him with some water, since he was soo hot *wink*

He sure was happy with us!  He felt so much cooler *smile*

We had such a great time!  Thanks for all those who came, we love you all (even those who couldn't make it).  For journaling purposes here is who was there Grandma Bullock, Aunt Teresa w/cousins, The Adams, The Andrews, The Dittrichs, The Kelby Dribanks, and The Stewarts.

Happy Birthday my little sweetheart.