Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey


37 years ago today my amazing husband was born!! We hope you have an awesome day!

Here is the comedian side......

And of course the loving side......


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lily at 6 months


Today Lily had her 6 month check-up. She's 16 lbs 10 oz (60%) gained 3 pounds in two months, 27 inches (90%), and her head is 17" (75%). So she's a growing girl and doing all the right things developmentally.

She has mastered the art of rolling ALL over the floor. I have to make sure there is NOTHING small on the floor when I put her down, or she'll find it and put it in her mouth. The other night she looked like she was chewing on something. We picked her up but couldn't see anything. A few minutes later she looked like she was gagging. Daddy did a finger swipe through her mouth and found a pink Barbie band aid!!! Good grief 1st she tore it off her leg then put it in her mouth!! Yuk!

She loves to eat fruit and cereal, but isn't so sure about the veggies. So far she likes the sweet potatoes, but NOT the squash. Really I can't blame her. *smile* I have also discovered that if she gets frustrated with me she will blow raspberries in my face. It's so hilarious that I laugh and I don't think she likes that. She has already shown signs of tantrums and I'm nervous. When she gets frustrated with Zachary she tries to eat his face off, and with O Town she wipes her slobbery hands all over his face and whines.

She has officially graduated into the crib, no more bassinet, she couldn't move freely in it. She loves to cuddle up in her 'soft' blanky and go to sleep. I love watching her while she is sleeping she is so adorable I want to just kiss her and love her, but I'd wake her up so I don't. We have been practicing sitting up unsupported. She does okay for about 20 seconds, but then she reaches for something and leans over. Toys that she can actually grasp in her hands she likes best. Watching her look at a toy with lights and sounds is so cute. At first she is mesmerized by the lights she'll stick her thumb in her mouth and just watch, then she's smacking away at it to get it to light up.

How'd you get over there Lily? Oh yah you rolled over *smile*

She thinks daddy is a pretty cozy place to take a quick snooze *wink*

Here are the boys having some fun imitating Lily one Sunday after church.

Daddy is trying to teach her how to drink out of a cup, I think she's still a bit young.

Zachary wants her to play football with him..

She's already getting a head start with the electronics *smile*

She is such a joy in our lives. We love her to pieces!

Parker's Birthday Party


Parker was so excited to have a 'G-Force' birthday party with his friends. We thought up some great 'secret agent' games and it seemed like all the boys had a great time.

When the guests first arrived they had to be fingerprinted to permit admittance, then they had their picture taken for their 'badge'. We went on a scavenger hunt for 'clues', went in search of a 'bomb' before it went off, and had a secret mission to find the goodies.

Here we are deciphering the first clue written in code.

This picture cracks me up!! It was taped to the bottom of the kitchen chair, and instead of taking it off to figure out the clue, they layed on the floor!!! hahahahahaha

Here they are at the end of their mission. They were so excited for this mission it took them a few minutes to figure out they were done. They were looking all over the walls for the next clue, so when they looked down and saw goodie bags they said "Goodie Bags?" hahahahahahaha Maybe I should have made the game longer. *smile*

Gift time....

I think he was most excited about his new video game. *smile* Just 2 weeks ago he had a complete meltdown in Walmart because we didn't buy it. Little did he know he was getting it for his birthday, I was this close though to not give it after that episode. Lucky Boy I was feeling nice. *smile*

Cake time. This was my first fondant birthday cake decorating experience. It took me a longer time than I thought, but nobody complained about it so I guess it's all good.

My sister Teresa, her kids, and my mom came up from Pocatello to celebrate with Parker. Here is my mom with Raegan, Lily and Kennedy.

Happy Birthday Parker! We love you tons *smile*

DDR Family Style


We borrowed a wii game from a friend, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), and had a blast!! It's one of the few games I can play with the kids without get nauseous. So a battled it out with my son Oscar first. The little stinker would always try to beat me by playing the fast 'rock' songs, and sure enough he would gloat in the end. But when I discovered the slower 'hip hop' or 'soft rock' songs I gave him a run for the money. :)

Then dad wanted to join in too. So I kept with my strategy and beat him!!! Yeah!! I was soo excited I hardly EVER beat him at anything!! So I did the whole 'in your face' dance. It's a good thing he's a good sport about it, if I did that to my boys they'd break down and bawl *wink*

Here are a few of our pictures I'm not impressed with them, but they are what they are. *smile*

Oscar and his dad battled it out for a much longer time, but I don't have pictures of it. Mason and Parker even tried their best too. Zachary was entertained for awhile but would rather play something different. It was a great time to spend together as a family. We were amazed that Lily feel asleep during all the chaos and stayed asleep for a long time. Guess we'll have to try that the next time she doesn't want to go to sleep *wink*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Much White Stuff!!

We LOVE when it snows! I seems like it snows a handful of times during the winter so we take advantage of every opportunity we have to play in the beautiful white stuff!

Apparently this time eating the snow was very popular.

Making a snowman was a team effort....

When it got dark they still played and even got daddy involved *smile*

I think they are showing signs of fatigue. *wink* Time to come in dry off, warm up, and have some hot chocolate! Until the next time it snows *smile*