Sunday, March 8, 2009

All About Mason

This is the story of my Mason *smile*

He is 3 years old, and is still a fireball, just like day one in the hospital. This little man is a good combo of both daddy and mommy. He has the extreme white hair and emotional traits like his Daddy, is tough as nails and stubborn like his mommy (again we blame the Bullock genes *wink*). I found this old picture of Oscar with his sister and uncle when he was 3, can you see the huge resemblance?

Oscar (Daddy) on the right in red tank top. *smile*

There is NEVER a dull moment in our home when Mason is awake. If it's quiet WARNING bells go off and I'm running through the house trying to find him. The minute you turn your back he's into something, either trying to do it 'by myself' or just being naughty. He is a VERY Smart little boy, the kind that is too much for his own good. If I tell him no to something he asks, and he knows he can do it by himself, and I'm occupied with something, he'll close the door to wear I am and try to sneak off and do it anyway. That little turkey, I've finally caught onto that one. We have those annoying child proof door handles on everything so he can't get into more trouble.

Mason's quirks have been lately, 'I do it myself mommy', or climbing the counter to 'pick' his cup. If I tell him it's time to do something he tells me in 5 minutes and holds up his hand, then he says and 5 min (other hand), 5 min (holds up a foot), and 5 min (other foot). It's very entertaining to watch. *smile* He is always asking "What I/we doin tomorrow?" He says "In five days I'm......" or "the next day I'm ...." or "Can I ..... today?" or "OK" All are done with those big brown eyes staring at you and that little boy innocent look, what a cutie. I want to give him kisses and hugs and he pushes away from me. I can trick him though by asking him to kiss my cheek and I turn at the last second and steel one. He laughs, and now it is a game to see who can get the most hugs and kisses. *smile*

He is finally loving preschool again and looks forward to it every week. He asks "Whos house I goin tomorrow?" We get to the house and he tells me he is a big boy, and he walks right in and has a blast! He is also lovin being a Sunbeam and his teacher, He says "I goin see Sis Newby today?" I love pickin him up after class, he is always so excited to see me. Just today he came running out with a big smile on his face "I missed you so much mommy!" Ahhhhhh He is very excited to be a big brother, and is always asking me "Where's Lily?", or "Where's my sister?" I explain to him that she is in mommy's tummy getting bigger, he then says he wants her out. The other day he said "Mommy, can I go in your tummy!" Uhhhh no your to big and you had your turn already. *smile*

He loves his movies and if I didn't pay attention to what he is doing he would watch movies all day. I can not keep any of our movies organized because he feels the need to take them out, stack them up as tall as he is, and then pick the one he wants. We are still trying to work with him not taking the DVD out of its case and putting it in the DVD player by himself. A couple of movies have made it under the TV stand because he has heard me coming and is trying to 'hide' the evidence. One has even been broken, thankfully it was disc two and not the movie one. His favorite movies now are Kung Fu Panda (just ask Jessica), and Beverly Hills Chihuahua or as he says "chickawahwa"

He loves his Grandparents and is always excited for a road trip to Pocatello (Grandma and Grandpa Bullock), or have Moose Grandma (Grandma and Grandpa Williamson) come to our house. He says "Is grandma bring cookies and brownies?", and it never fails she (Moose Grandma) always has something with her. His new love has been playing outside with this brothers, even on chilly days. I get him all bundled up and out he goes, he's smart though he comes in when he gets cold.

One very funny thing he has started lately is the need to be completly naked when he has to use the bathroom, good grief kiddo. Today I heard him hummin, which is the noise he makes while he is concentrating, and I ran to the bathroom because I thought he was shoving toilet paper in the toilet again. But this is what I found.................

He loves to help me with whatever I am doing, his favorite is baking! The minute he hears me get my mixer out he is scooting a chair across the floor up to the counter. He likes stirring the best and of course sneaking chocolate chips (just like his daddy). He has a MAJOR sweet tooth like his Grandma Bullock, if he could stay healthy eating sugar (and mommy would allow it) he would. The little stinker this last week always had a jolly rancher in his mouth and I was confused. I thought for sure I had those things hidden very well, apparently not. I went into my closet and the bag was on the ground I was so mad, I picked it up and hid it better, but he still had jolly ranchers. It wasn't until the next day when I was making my bed I found the stash he had hidden under my bed!! I'm tellin ya that kid is a little smarty pants!

Here's a cute picture I have of him having to do the same thing as his older brothers. This one he had to get in Lil O's sleeping bag just like he had done. What a cutie.

We love him to pieces even though I feel like pulling my hair out. All I have to do is look at him sleeping and my heart swells up and you can't help but love him.
And that's Mason in a nutshell!

All About Parker

My Parker, *smile*

Parker is now 6 years old and LOVES life, he is our third son. He has white hair like his daddy and is as stubborn as his mommy (but we blame it on his Grandpa Bullock). What do you think?

Oscar (Daddy)

Parker started kindergarten in the fall and is doing an amazing job. His teacher was very proud of all the things Parker knows. She did comment how Parker has a gift for telling you how it is. I already know this and how embarrassing it can be in public. *sigh* She mentioned how he loves story time when she is reading the longer more in depth stories. He really is showing signs like his big brothers did at their ages, especially Lil O, with his 'smarts'. We are very proud of him.

Parker also started soccer this past fall and really liked it. He thought it was so COOL to have his Daddy as his coach. I had laughing fits on the sidelines and a couple of mental head slaps (especially when he tucked in his winter coat into his shorts for one game). He is starting to get the hang of the whole concept of soccer as is his whole team, it's really fun to watch them.

Some of Parker quirks are ALWAYS tucking his shirts into his pants. I mean ALWAYS! This gets very annoying at least once a week, but comes in handy for Sunday. He also insists on wearing his moonboots to school everyday, even when there is no snow and it is 60 degrees outside. One thing he likes to do is wear shorts during the winter, but he promises me he will change when we have to go outside. So he comes out of his room with pants on, but the shorts are also on over the pants. (Mental head slap). It is almost always pointless to argue with him about it, so it's become one of those 'choose your battles' scenarios.

Its amazing just how many 'choose your battle' scenarios we have with Parker, another one is his hair. I'm sure I've mentioned before how we had to make a deal, he gets to do his hair during the week, and mom does it on Sunday. Example....

He loves to draw, play the computer, play the playstation, play hide-n-seek, or hide the golden plates, and make up his own games. You will always see his art work taped to different walls or doors throughout the house, maybe he'll make a living at it some day. His daddy has nicknamed him 'Random Man' because he will usually blurt something out that makes absolutely no sense or has nothing to do with what we're talking about. He also loves to make up his own jokes, and laughs hysterically at himself while the rest of us just smile and shake our heads. Mason has now picked up this talent too. *smile*

He has also learned how to ride a scooter recently and he seems to think he should be able to do everything his older brothers get to do. For example he now just today, right before bedtime wanted to learn the rubix cube. He was able to get one row all the same color and went to bed with a huge confident smile.

He has a huge fascination with numbers, time, and age. So if he ever asks you how old you are just go with it. He is always saying 'So when I'm 12, Mason will be 9?" Or "Mom it's 7:54 we're gonna be late for school". He always exaggerates the time too like, "I went to school for 18 hours", or "I was only playing for 60 minutes" (when he has been playing for 30). It's not uncommon to hear him say off the wall numbers like 'Seventy Hundred Minutes/Hours'. He just recently started wearing a watch to school and is constantly looking at it, or reminding me what time it is. He also knows how old he will be when he reaches certain milestones in his life. When I'm 8 I get to be baptized and go to scouts, when I'm 12 I get to go to the temple for dead baptism, and when I'm 19 I'm going on my mission. He is always very happy and proud each time he tells us.

And of course he is always trying to learn new things and try to catch up to his older brothers. I keep telling him he needs to slow down a little, but he doesn't get it. We love him all the same, the good days and the frustrating ones. I always pray that his determination and 'stubbornness' will point him in the right direction in his life, that it will be a benefit to him.
And that's my Parker.

All About Zachary

I wanted to capture Zachary at this point in his life too, so here we go.

Zachary is 9 years old and is my 2nd oldest. I would say out of all my boys Zachary acts the most like his dad (as a kid). He has to be the center of attention, is very senistive, and they both look VERY similar at the same age. He can even eat the same amout as his dad, and I am always wondering 'where is it going?'


Oscar (Daddy)

Zachary LOVES sports, but his mom just doesn't let him play everything he wants. At school he plays basketball and football and comes home all full of enthusiasm telling me about the game. His clothes can tell a lot of the story too *wink* He is getting ready to start the spring soccer season and is hopeful for a good playing season. It seems like the techniques come naturally to him.

He likes playing with his friends, mostly outside, like capture the flag, or anything that has to do with swords or guns. Lately they have been playing kickball out in the back yard, even when it's cold! He really likes playing the Playstation2 and any computer game he can get his hands on. He enjoys listening to his MP3 player or his CD's and is always asking his dad for updated material. He likes electronics *smile*

Zachary knows how we think he is 'dramatic' about most everything, and I keep telling him he would probably do great in a drama class or acting class. But he just wants to play sports or take gymnastics. The natural ability comes out again as I watch him jump on the trampoline.

He loves his brothers even though arguing occurs at least once a day. He always amazes me when he says "Mom, I can read to Parker and Mason", or "I can lay down with Mason" or "Mom, I'm making Mason happy". Those are moments when I just want to smother him in kisses and hugs. He may complain a bit, but I know he loves it, the smile on his face gives it away. He also loves tickle wars. He taunts me with "I bet you can't catch me", but I usually can, right now it's a bit harder (being pregnant and all).
Zachary does great in school. He is in the high reading group at school and right now is in first place with AR (Accelerated Reader) points at school. I would say his strongest subject in school is Math, with Science a close 2nd. He recently went to a friends birthday party where all they did was science experiements, he could NOT stop talking about it. He came home with a small book so you could try them at home. During parent teacher conferences his teacher had nothing but good to tell me about him, as he sat there with a perma grin on his face. Great Job Zachary. He really enjoys his GT (gifted and talented) class after school once a week. They are learning about Greek Mythology and Culture. He loved it so much it inspired him to read 'The Lighting Thief' by Rick Riordan in record time. I am always hearing what a great example he is to his friends at school and at church, it makes my hear swell with gratitude.

The most memorable thing about Zachary is his smile. He seems to always be smiling, except for the times he is asked to do chores *wink*. He will even smile when I am trying to be serious and correct him (darn him!). We love Zachary and he loves to entertain us, we are so blessed to have him in our family.

Rubix Cube Masters?


When Daddy was gone hunting he had a lot of time driving, so to occupy that time he tried solving a rubix cube. He was very proud of himself that after 6 hours he had solved his first ever rubix cube! He can now complete it in a wopping 7 minutes!!

When Daddy got home Oscar saw the rubix cube and wanted to know how to do it. So he started showing him a technique on Thursday. Oscar would NOT put the thing down!! Whenever he had a spare moment the rubix cube was in his hand and his was talking to himself. He could complete most of it, but get stuck right at the end. He and his Dad found a website that gave them a couple of algorithms (process of turning the cube in a certain order a certain amount of times) to help solve it, and Viola he DID IT.

Since this afternoon right after lunch, he has completed it twice. GREAT job. I call him a Master but he doesn't think so. I told him it's a great accomplishment and to be proud.


Crazy Hat Day


This week Zachary and Parker have been celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday. Today was crazy hat day, they were both VERY excited about this day.

Here are their hats. Gotta LOVE em. *smile*



I love when they participate in school activities and I get to capture the moment.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All about Oscar III aka Lil O

The other day I was watching Oscar as he was talking to me about something at school and realized how tall and grown up he is getting, I got a little sad, my baby is growing up. So I thought for my benefit I would capture what he is like right now before he grows up even more.

Oscar is a great help to me with just about everything I ask (he has his moments). I have noticed how he is starting to get a little bit of an attitude but he still loves his mom and is willing to help. I CAN'T believe that next month he will be 12!!! Where did the years go? He watches his brothers like a champ when I need him too, and even has them obeying the rules when I get home. There was only that one time I came home after just 10 minutes of being gone and found Mason on the counter. He was shoveling sugar from a bag into the container, and had a nice mess that needed to be cleaned up *smile* (I think that's more of a Mason personality - turn your back for a second and I'm being naughty). Most mom's have to shoo their kids off video games or computer games to go to bed at night, with Oscar it's 'time to stop reading' or 'that's enough research for one night'.

We are very proud of him and the knowledge he aquires and retains, he comes home teaching me things I should have learned in school and remembered. That's a glorifing moment when you feel like a dumb looser, but I've decided to not dwell on it. *smile*

He loves school and is always going above and beyond. He is very self motivated, and I rarely have to remind him to do his homework. He is so hard on himself sometimes though, he thinks he needs to be 100% in all of his classes. He was actually bummed one day when he had a 91% in a class, I about fainted. I went to parent teacher conferences last week and all his teachers were very proud of him, and of course he had striaght A's! In his GT class they did a project for National History Day, most kids made posters with the information they collected. Oscar, of course, went a different route, he created a website!! WOW, he always amazes me!

He loves oragami!! His school binder is full of pieces. He has even created a school project using his knowledge, a periodic table of elements. His science teacher loved it so much and did not already have a chart that she has posted his in her classroom!

He told me the other day that most kids in school want him to make them different things, and if he could only sell them for small change he could have a real business on his hands. The school however does not allow things to be sold, so he told me he thought about writing a business plan and taking it to the principal to see what they thought. He said he was going to include a small percentage for the school! WOW again, where is my 11 year old?

In science class they have planted different seeds and have them growing under lights in the classroom. Oscar planted onion, but there was beans, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, strawberries, and different herbs. The school has a plot of land specifically for a garden, and when it warms up they are going to plant them outside and continue to take care of them. I'm excited because then I can have some more help in our family garden!

Oscar is also very involved with the Scouting program, he absolutely loves it. He knows all his knots, has a fully compact first aid kit, pocket knife, knowledge of the compass, among other skills. Campouts are his FAVORITE thing to do. This past weekend he went on a winter campout they have every year called the Klondike. It's a big competion being the different wards in our stake, using the skills necessary to survive in the snow. I was worried he would freeze to death, and so I made him pack a lot of warm stuff, probably twice as much as the other boys (oh well I slept better that night). He came home with a big smile on his face and smelling like a campfire. He was a little disappointed that his teammates wouldn't listen to him or cooperate so they didn't place in the top 4, but he's okay with it. He had some great stories to tell me and most he couldn't stop laughing while telling me. Like how they threw snowballs at the next door cabin, sledding in the dark, Christians airheadness, and how Porter almost broke his leg. I'm always surprised to see how the leaders act in these situations, and most of the time they all turn into little boys! Oscar commented on how Tony Foster was a riot, and how him and Porter kept swapping jokes.

(testing out the sleeping bag before the trip)

He has been working on his astronomy merit badge with his Grandpa Williamson. I'm amazed at how much they have to complete to earn a merit badge, it's pages and pages long!! Boy Scouts is lot different than Cub Scouts, but he truely enjoys every minute of it.

Soccer season is starting up in a couple of weeks, and he is getting excited once again. He loves being outside and out manuerving his friends with his footwork. He has a great knowledge of the game, but he still can be a little gun shy in a game, but he is getting lots better about it.

He is very responsible with the money he has earned, and before he decides to buy something he takes a good amount of time reasearching the best deals. Lately he has wanted to purchase a certain video game, but the right deal just hasn't come along, so he still has all his money. I'm glad he is putting more thought into it and realizes the importance of money.

Oscar along with his brother Zachary have a window washing business, "Wonder Washers & Bros.". He and his brother go to their dad's office once a month to clean the windows inside and out. This process usually takes about 3 hours. He even submits an invoice to the Owner of the company when the work is completed. Talk about preparing him for the future (Dad). He also has looked after friends animals while they are away, and mows their grass when asked. He loves helping people.

This past year he has enjoyed going bird hunting with his dad. He gets up early, makes sure he has warm clothes, and is out the door smiling while his dad's eyes are half closed. He is looking forward to 'big game' hunting this fall since he will be 12. Mom is still really nervous. Here is his first bird, a duck, he was very proud.

So now I can say that I have captured Oscar in this moment, boy is he a busy guy. *wink*



Hurray! Hurray! After 10 LONG days daddy finally came home from hunting in Arizona and New Mexico. We always miss him SO much!

I'm not good with all the hunting story stuff, but from what I heard he had a great time. First stop was in Arizona to hunt Javelina (which is basically a hairy pig). Here is a picture of one. My mother in law says they make a awful noise and are never quiet.

Oscar did not get one himself, but his good friend Chris Beus did.

Next it was onto New Mexico to hunt Oryx. He has been excited for this hunt for about a year now. Here is what they look like.

Here is Oscar all SMILES of course. I'm curious if he's smiling because he got one, or if it is because now he can come home. *wink*.

Way to go Daddy!!