Monday, September 29, 2008


For the last 4 or 5 weeks Oscar has been OBSESSED with Dodgeball. He helped our Stake Sports guy set up a dodgeball tournament with all 9 wards in the stake. Some wards had more than one team. It was so fun to watch these men play. At first I could NOT believe the response this had with everyone.

So all the wards got together at the stakecenter for the last three Thursday nights and played. This last Thursday was the tournament and Oscar's team "24 Average Mo's" won the tournament. Here is a picture of their team.

Back row: Shane Dittrich, Carter Andrews, Justin Bledsoe
Middle row: Kip Dribnak, Neil Adams, Rodney Ashby
Front row: Oscar Williamson (show off) *wink*

However, in the first games Oscar's team was playing the Elders. By Elders I mean the missionaries in our stake, they were given permission to put together a team, and they were GOOD. I thought I had a picture of them but I don't, maybe someone else was smart enough to take one. They were the only other team that had matching shirts. They had black shorts, their white shirts, complete with their ties, it was Awesome! It was the best 4 games out of 7 in order to advance to the next level. I had to leave for about 20 mintues to pick up Zachary from soccer and Oscar from scouts before I could get back and watch. When I left it was tied 2 games to 2 games and Oscar had just got tagged out!! I was biting my nails the whole time I was gone. If they lost they were done, there would be no advancing. When I got back I ran into Shane Dittrich in the hall and he told me they won, but by the skin of their teeth!! Average Mo's won 4 games, Elders won 3 games. I was a little sad the Elders had to be out so soon, it would have been great to watch them again.

I was however lucky to see one of the games down to just Oscar and Elder Harvey. In the middle of the game Elder Harvey stops the game to make a bet (are they suppose to do that?), that if he won Oscar would have to go to church on Sunday. Cheering erupted on the sidelines and Oscar didn't even have time to say 'What if I win?' So what happens, Elder Harvey tagged Oscar and won the game. That is why Oscar was at church again with us, I Loved it! That is 4 times in 5 weeks, WOW.

So here are some pictures of the boys in action. It was such a hit that there will be a spring season for dodgeball too, after basketball. I can't wait.

The Girl in Me


Lately Lil O and Zachary have not wanted their hair to be too short. Oscar has very very thick wavy/curly hair which I am totaly jealous of even though he gets it from my side of the family. Zachary has a lot of straight long hair that he does NOT want combed to the side, so instead it is practically in his eyes. I have been trying to cut their hair for 2 weekends now and still have not succeeded, I will this weekend. *wink*

So I did what I do when I want my hair out of my eyes, I braided Zachary's hair!!

Tah Dah!!

So what do you think? I was pretty proud of myself being able to braid hair that short! Maybe I should braid it for his next soccer game?!

A New Food Storage Item


According to Oscar (Dad), Oscar (Lil O), and Zachary soda is now apart of the family food storage. It is shelved out in the garage along with the soup, pasta, wheat, rice, and beans (among other items as well).

Albertson's had a 'smoking good' sale for Coke products this week, ended up being .70 for a 2 liter bottle. I bought 10 on Friday and Oscar went back on Saturday and bought 100!! Yep I said 100. The best part was that the lady at the checkout didn't even blink when she rang them up. Then when Oscar was going out to the car, Lil O was following him with a cart full of 50 bottles the cart caught in a whole and the cart went down and bottles went everywhere! Luckily there were about 6 or 7 people who came running up to help pick them all up, and not one of them broke!!

So here are a couple of pictures of the Soda Food Storage, that will probably NOT last a year. *wink*

Parker Playing Soccer


Parker has loved playing soccer this year, and especially having his daddy coaching him. I finally remembered to bring the camera, however a lot of the pictures were over exposed. Here are some of the better ones.

Here is a picture of Haken Stewart, McKenna Dribnak, and Parker (courtesy of Jessica Dribnak's blog)

It was very entertaining to watch this weeks game. We played a team that had three kids in the same ward as us, and the coaches (Oscar and Nephi Dummar) play basketball together. The players wanted to hug each other while the coaches wanted to separate them. The kids didn't want to beat their friends and the coaches wanted to win! *smile* The kids I believe had a great time, everyone was smiling even the coaches in between their 'trash talking' *wink* In the end the game was tied 7 to 7. I think all games should be this entertaining.

Since I left the field early to go to the General Relief Society Broadcast I didn't get pictures of Zachary or Oscar, I will have some next week.

You Happy Now?

This is a phrase that Mason has said for a very long time. It is very cute, but sometimes you wish he wouldn't say it.

Doesn't he look so innocent?

Now picture this scenerio. You're the mom and you have just discovered that Mason instead of sitting on the toilet is off and has shoved an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper into the toilet. So you are trying to clean him up and the mess without gagging, and remembering this is not the first time he has done this. You are not happy you are fumming!! Then you feel someone tapping your arm and hear this "You Happy Now?" you look down and there is that innocent face! He says it all chipper too. At first it was funny and you can't help but smile, but after the 100th time it's not quite as cute. Then of course if you do not say 'Yes, I'm happy now' he will continue to ask you repeatedly like a broken record. The answer 'No I'm not happy' doesn't cut it.

So where am I going with this? Well Mason does not reserve his sweet little question to just me. The other day Zachary was upset about something, I can't remember, but the rest of us are laughing. So Zachary runs into my room and trys to hide under the covers of my bed. He thinks that he is safe and then he hears "You Happy Now?" The rest of us were in the kitchen eating and heard Mason so we all heard Zachary's screaming response "NO". This of course is not the right answer so Mason continues to ask 'You Happy Now?', and by this time Zachary is bawling and screaming 'NO LEAVE ME ALONE' and 'STOP IT'. Apparently he hasn't learned to get him to be quiet he just has to say 'Yes'. This was so funny to the rest of us because we have all had the similar experience, which to us wasn't funny at the time, but funny when you see it happen to someone else. Call me a mean mom but I just had to capture the moment on camera.

Here is the little culprit... (innocent?)

Here is Zachary

screaming and crying.

Zachary we all love you very much and one day you will be laughing, I promise you you will be 'happy now'. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Week Of Chaos At Home

So the past week we have moved from one mess to another, it's a bit frustrating to me but I'm trying to see the good in all of it. Trying!

It first started with a big backhoe driving across my nice lawn I have been working so hard to save this year and dug a HUGE trench from the house to the shed!!!! I was told it would be filled in a couple of days, but it is still there ugly as ever. And of course all the boys seem to think it is their playground now, even the little soccer players on Parkers team were distracted. We are running sewer and water out to the shop. Then we tried to run the sprinklers, they looked like they were working, UNTIL Oscar went to switch zones. The trench was half full of water so now we have to fix sprinkler lines too!

Then Oscar had a elk mount delivered to the house that he has been waiting for, for about a year now. I told him he could put it in the office, but I didn't realize how HUGE it was. It takes up the whole wall and it stands right at eye level, kinda spooky in the dark. It is a very pretty mount though, with a working waterfall down the rock. Oscar is very proud of this elk he got in Utah, his biggest ever.

But because we had to make room for it in less than an hours time, this is what the other side of the office looks like. Great just one more thing to add to the list of things to do.

And here is my bed. It looks a lot better in the picture than it did a couple of days ago. I've been trying to update and add to our 72 hour kits and trying to not get overwhelmed at the same time. I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself, they are not complete but I'm making progress and I'm okay with that.

The garage also needed some help this weekend too. We emptied out our huge water barrels and filled them back up, moved some shelves around, sprayed down some shelves, and swept the dirt out one side of the garage. We almost had to mop the garage floor too because when Oscar went to tip one of the barrels to roll it out of the garage it slipped and the lid popped off. It wasn't funny at the time but watching us both trying to get it out of the garage fast and stop the flow of water was quite comical. It looks much better, but we still have to do the other side!! (hopefully not until all the other messes are cleaned up).

Doesn't Daddy Look So Handsome?


This morning Oscar told me he was going to be helping out in Mason's nursery class at church, and since one of his good friends Jason Kotter was going to be speaking he was going to come for that too!! Awesome!!

So he decided to wear a tie this morning and the boys wanted to help, this is what Lil O brought to him. hehehehehehehehehehe

Doesn't he look great? We told him to wear it, but he said he didn't want to embarrass us so he took it off and replaced it with 'Flipper'. :) Hey just for the record, I wouldn't have been embarrassed honey! *wink*

First Day of Pre-school for Mason


Well Mason has watched his brothers all go to school and wanted to know why he couldn't. Well now he can. He is in a group with 7 other kids his age, his 'friends' he calls them. I think it is going to be lots of fun for him and he will be able to learn some good things too.

Doesn't he look so happy to be going?

Another Scout Camping Trip


This time the 11 year olds headed out to Bruno Sand Dunes. The scout motto is 'Be Prepared' and I think every one of them forgot something so it was a learning experience. Lil O forgot to tell Oscar to pack a tent for the boys as well as for the leaders, so he only brought 1. The one he brought though didn't have any poles, ooooops Lil O forgot to tell Dad that he had taken the poles out to get some stakes. Brother Rackum brought propane tanks that were empty, and when they finally stopped to get them filled it took about 1/2 hour.

So the boys ended up sleeping outside under the stars with no tent, and Oscar ran back into town (Mountain Home) to purchase a new tent. Good Grief! I am not going to pack for them each time, they have got to get this figured out sometime on their own right?

Lil O was very excited that their was a space observatory out there and better yet Barbara Morgan was there. She is an astrounat and was signing autographs too. He also got to have a metorite made into a key chain which is pretty neat looking. They got to look through some huge telescopes at the stars and planets. He also thought they had these cool laser pointers that looked like they were pointing at the actually stars!

The next morning they had to go on a 5 mile hike, so they started to climb the sand dunes, much tougher than it looks. They all had a great time like always. They all decided it would be fun to run down the sand and see who got the farthest without falling. I think Brother Rackum won. Porter and Christian both did face plants and ended up eating sand, Christian even had it up his nose and in his braces!! hahahahahaha

Right after the hike Oscar and Dad packed up and headed home to make it to the first soccer game of the season. I met them at the field and of course forgot the camera!!! All three of the boys were playing at the same time so Mason and I would make the rounds watching a few minutes of each of the games. Parker was very happy to be 'playing' soccer, Zachary couldn't stay off the ground, and I've never seen Oscar run so much during a game in a long time. I think they all did great. Maybe next week I'll remember the camera.

Bear Camp


Oscar and Lil O took an adventure up near Riggins this afternoon. One of Oscar's friends has an outfitting Bear Camp set up and they wanted to go check it out. They had a blast. Oscar came and picked up Lil O from church and they headed out, complete with enough goodies for 6 people. *wink*

Is this a bear?

Up at camp Oscar had other boys about his same age to hang out with and ride four wheelers. Of course when the bears came rolling in to be processed Oscar was right alongside his dad wanting to know everything. At this point I would be holding my nose and running for fresh air hoping not to throw up, so I guess Oscar takes after his dad!!

They got home pretty late (2:00 am) because it was just too much fun to pull themselves away. Plus Dad has a natural ability to talk and talk and talk and talk (much worse than women *wink*) But they both had fun and time to 'bond'.