Thursday, January 12, 2012

Misc - May

May 2011

Here are some pictures I found on the camera of some things we did this month.

Moose Grandparents (Williamson) came for a visit.  They were in the process of selling their house in Challis and moving back to Nampa.  Lily cozied up to Grandpa right away.

 Mason giving Grandma a cuddle too.
Just playing around.  Look at that messy face!  She sure seems happy about it *smile*
 What Mom *smile*
See mom i got Zachary (which she pronounces rakary *smile*) 
Moose Grandpa reading a story to Lily.
Fingernail painting
And toenail painting too.....I think it was a bit ticklish for Lily.
And what do my wondering eyes see??? Is that Daddy's toenails too?? *smile*
Good times!!

Awards at Year End

May 2011

Zachary was honored at two different assemblies this year.  He was awarded for the highest ISAT scores and he was also awarded items for completing his Classics and Honors reading for Accelerated Reader (AR).

AR reading awards, chatting with friends.
Here's Parker....'Hi Mom' *smile*
Hey they called my name.....I KNEW IT!
 Showing us the 'shaka' sign, yep he's happy!
 YES!!  I got a gift card to Hastings!  I knew all that reading would pay off *smile*
I was even awarded a pretty flower for coming in and helping in the classroom, how sweet of them *smile*
Here is Zachary with Parker and Parker's teacher Mrs. Gregston.  She is such an amazing teacher, I think she is one of those remarkable ones you'll never forget.  Zachary would help out in their class throughout the year too.
Here is Parker with his year end project completed.  They were studying about Dinosaurs, so they made a model of the habitat and made a volcano, which they can make erupt at home (I'm so excited)

We are very proud of these boys and their accomplishments!  Now bring on SUMMER! *smile*

Zachary's 5th Grade Graduation

May 2011

Well Zachary has finally completed elementary school!  He is sooo excited to be going to middle school next year.  So by way of tradition the school had a Graduation Ceremony for them.  It was fun to watch Zach sing and sit with his classmates awaiting his name to be called to come and receive his diploma.

Here he is waiting with his classmates for the program to start.

 Now the singing, I think Zach was relieved he didn't have to look at us during the songs.  We always smile and dance in our seats and it embarrasses him.  But we still love you and we'll do it for the rest of your life buddy! *smile*
Now waiting for his name to be called.  He wasn't too anxious at first because of course they went in alphabetical order, but check out his face as it was getting closer *smile*
See mom and dad I got it....hurry up and take the picture so I can sit down will ya....oh and by the way I don't want everyone to see me smile so I'll give you a hurry fast smile!
SERIOUSLY mom and dad!  You already took a picture!  Yah but we want to remember this cute adorable face! *smile*
Zachary graduated with High Honors and was signed up to participate in the Gifted and Talented program at the middle school for next year.  He made Honor Roll every week, which we and he was very proud of.  He is very excited to go to middle school and meet up with all of his old friends from Parkridge.  I have to say I'm excited for him too, but a little nervous because's middle school!

Ahhhhh there's that no pressure smile we know so well!

I was really impressed with the diplomas they gave them, it was very official looking, something we'll treasure always.  Zach looked so handsome in his cap and gown picture!  Great Job Zachary we love you !

Parker's Picnic

May 2011

In honor of the end of school the 2nd grade class had a Picnic with Parents activity planned.  We were invited to come have lunch with him and stay for some games and just play.  Parker was really excited about it, especially since he got to have hotdogs, chips, and watermelon for lunch.

I was excited to go and spend some time with him too, until we woke up that morning to a VERY chilly windy day!  I took Mason and Lily and we braved the weather for a little bit.
I loved seeing the HUGE smile on Parker's face and it was fun to watch Mason get right up and play with those big 2nd graders.
Of course Lily did not want to be left out either.
We stayed until our teeth were chattering and our hands and ears were cold as ice.  We had a really fun time! *smile*  Thanks for the invite Parker!

Mason Preschool Graduation

May 2011

Mason has LOVED preschool this year for two reasons:  1) It is the last year he is going (because of a late birthday), and 2) Because he has been learning his letters, numbers, and writing his name!   We were apart of a preschool co-op again this year.

Here he is with his classmates, Brennan Andrews, Collin Pett, Ella Roetto, Lily Ashby, and Cole Baumgartner.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
 Singing some songs
Lily wanted to participate too *smile*
He is so ready for kindergarten!  We're so proud of him.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zachary's State Report

May 2011

Zachary had to complete a state report for his 5th grade class, he was excited he was able to choose his own state, he chose Utah!  I was curious why, but he had some great ideas so I was happy to see him so motivated.

They had 2 months to work on the project but had weekly goals to complete.  At first it was mostly reports and paper work type assignments.  The big one was the 3D model that represented the state.  So here are some photos of the prep work.

Here is the mountain slope that will be a ski run.  First the shape and then paper mache...

Done with paper mache, now letting it dry....

Now for the snow, using of all things fake snow *smile*
This is the arch, once again some more paper mache....
 Once it was dry he added modeling clay, to give it a rough rock look.....
 When the clay dried he painted it....
 He made the Salt Lake City Temple out of legos..
The model also had a roller coaster representing Lagoon, The 'Great Salt Lake', a model of a beehive since it's the 'beehive state', the Bonneville Speedway, and pictures representing sports, and green jello.

Their goal of the project was to convince President Obama to relocate to their state.  He had to give an oral report in front of a teacher from Columbia High School to present his state and convince him it was a great place to relocate.  Only 6 kids could compete at this level, Zachary was one of them.  The other competing states were Massachusetts, Indiana, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii.  He did such an amazing job he won first place!

Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Wang,

This is his prize...
And showing his awards.
This one is a classic!!

He did an amazing job!  We are very proud of him, even though there was a couple of late nights, it all paid off!  Congrats Zachary *smile*