Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Photo Shoot


I decided a couple of years ago that we should have our family pictures done around our wedding anniversary in July. Well this July we had a little hiccup in that plan with Lily being born earlier in the month, so we were off of couple of months. No biggie, I finally decided I wasn't going to loose all the weight I wanted to before a family picture, so we just did it. I had Sara come and take our pictures for us again, and of course she did an AMAZING job. She is such a great friend!!

Here are a couple of the shots.....

Thanks again Sara! *smile*

Lily's Photo Shoot


Today Sara Adams (one of my best friends) came over to take some pictures of Lily in her beautiful blessing dress. She was so cute and happy for the longest time I was amazed. Here are just a few of the shots.

Sara did a FANTASTIC job!! Thanks so much Sara *smile*

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lily's Blessing Day


Today Oscar was able to bless Lily! What a special day, I was so proud of Oscar and how far he has progressed in the gospel to be able to bless our little angel.

The blessing was very beautiful and done well, I definitely felt the spirit in the room. Oscar was nervous and afterwards thought that no one heard him, but I reassured him that I could and reminded him he had a microphone. Lil O was able to be apart of the blessing too, he held the microphone for his dad. I remember Oscar blessed her with love and light and to be an example to all those around her.

Lily was so pretty in her white dress and she was very cooperative during the blessing. I always feel such peace and love around her, you can't help but smile.

Mason was happy to be by his sister too.

She is such a blessing in our home! We all love her so much *smile*

Rollie Pollies

So one Saturday morning I came out from my room and noticed Parker and Mason doing something out on the back patio. They were being nice to each other and I thought 'how cute' so I left them alone. A little while later Parker stuck his head in the door and said 'Um, Dad, Mason is putting his rollie pollies in your shoes'. At first I laughed, then thought glad it's not my shoes, but when I saw how many there were I was grossed out!!

Dad had the brillant idea to make a home for Mason's rollie pollies that was not his shoes.

After they were all safely in their new home, Mason came packing it in the house stating 'Mom, I'm gonna sleep with my bugs' He said it so matter of factly it was cute, but NOT cute enough, the rollie pollies went right back outside.

I think they only lasted that day in their home - outside. Mason wanted to make some modifications to their home, and let's just say their wasn't much room left for them to stay. *wink* What is it with boy's fasination with bugs???

CPR/Family Night

After Lily was born I did all the usual worrying I do once our baby has been born - is she too hot or too cold, is she eating enough, is she breathing??? Well one of my other worries was "Do I remember how to do child CPR or Heimlich for an infant?" I went into a panic of course (like usual) and I thought "What if I leave Lily with Oscar (aka O-Town) and he doesn't know what to do?" Once I got over my attack I started to think rationally, I did remember what to do, and I know Oscar had to pass a first aid training in his scouts. But I thought it would be a good thing for the whole family to learn together even if it was a refresher course for some of us.

We decided it would be a good Family Home Evening lesson, so we invited Kip and Jessica Dribnak over for a combined family night. Kip was very helpful and even though it was a refresher course for me some information had been updated like the ratio of 2 to 30, meaning 2 breaths to 30 compressions. All the kids listened to Kip talk about what to do and then they each had a turn practicing.

They all practiced on a 'volunteer' first before they practiced on the great looking plastic ones. *smile*

And the award for the best unconscious person goes to........McKenna Dribnak! Yahhhh! Seriously she was the only one who wouldn't giggle and wiggle all over. Mason was a close second, but Zachary would NOT hold still.

Don't the Dribnak's look like they've done this before?

I'm pretty sure my family needs to have more practice *wink* Oscar was the most confused.....Kip had to correct him.

No this is NOT how you do a 'rescue breath' Mason and O-Town....

Parker was more interested in showing everyone his type of rescue breath..... Good Grief!!

Here is Kip demonstrating how to hold an infant to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He said it was weird having a live model, I think she performed perfectly *smile* Everyone was taught the steps for both infant and adult, even for pregnant women, but somehow I don't have pictures of that.

Half way through we (by we I mean Jessica and Oscar) had to perform some basic first-aid to little Miss Molly. She was so excited jumping up and down on the couch that she tripped and caught the side of the couch with her lip. She was such a trooper, after a popsicle and some hugs and kisses she was right back out there jumping around. *smile*

After the practice was done we served out dessert and some how music was put on and the house erupted in dance!! Here are a few of the MANY pictures that were taken.

The robot.........

The worm as shown by non other than Kip.........

Oscar was teaching Morgan some new moves.......

We all had a great time. Thanks Kip for sharing your knowledge with us, I'm sure we'll have to have a couple more practice sessions for my boys *smile*