Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ultrasound Day


So today we went to have our ultrasound done. Our baby looks healthy and is growing the way the doctors like. We could see the four chambers of the heart, the spine, lips, hands, feet, and this one is a wiggler! I was so relieved that everything looked normal, I am very thankful right now.

Here are some pictures, the first one is of a hand waving. The second one is a face profile, the forehead is on the right then you see the nose, lips and chin on the left. It's a little blurry, but it'll will do.

So we are happy to announce that our baby GIRL looks healthy and active, and will be coming to a home to four happy big brothers, a speechless mother, and a glotting father!!!!!

Her name will be Lily Rae Williamson, we are all very excited to meet her. We have been all smiles since 2:30 this afternoon.

Bring on the PINK!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baking With Mommy


I have been CRAVING sugar for months now, but I haven't been able to have much because it would make me sick. But today I decided the heck with it, I was craving cookies and I wanted to bake some. I decided since Valentines Day was coming and I was hosting book club at my house this month I'd make a batch of sugar cookies. YUMMY!!

Of course I HAD to have help, I couldn't possibly do it by myself.

So after having a fit a couple of times because Mason wanted to help so much, I gave him his own dough and flour and let him go. Thank goodness because now I could focus on getting them done. I don't know why I took these pictures (because I'm not as talented as Sara) but I had it out anyway to take some of Mason so I did the cookies too.

Here is the process..... rolling and cutting



And frosting!! Tah Dah, lets eat!

I love these cookies, I grew up eating and making them with my mom, they're my favorite. I let the kids have some, set some out for book club, and I still have a bunch! I'm still excited to eat them, I just have to pace myself.

And here is what Mason looked like when we were finished. *smile.

He had more flour on him, than anywhere else, it made me smile.

Pocatello Here We Come


This weekend was my nephew Jaxson's 4th birthday, so we went down to celebrate with him. However, I forgot the camera! But we still had lots of fun.

The kids and I left on Friday to travel to Burley and meet Oscar who had been in Salt Lake City the day before. We made it in pretty good time and the boys were excited to see their dad. The boys were WIRED by the time we got to Grandma and Grandpa Bullocks, so it took a lot of coaxing to get them to bed that night.

The next day we got to visit with all my siblings. Steven came over with his sweet girl Jackie and her cutie Adin (he is getting big). My dad wanted to have a 'steak fry' that night (which he is famous for having) and asked me what I wanted so he could make a store run. He about fell out of his chair when I told him I wanted a steak (I usually choose chicken), but not one of those huge ones he gets for himself. So my brother Michael took my dad shopping to Costco since he is the one with the card, and we got to visit with him and Krysten before the birthday party. Michael and Krysten are expecting their first baby on August 6th. I'm so excited for them, but I'm jealous because Krysten is absolutely glowing and has just a cute little tummy. Standing next to her I felt like a humpback whale!! Good grief, I wish I had my camera, because I'm not kidding. She looks GREAT! And she can even out eat my brother which is a HUGE accomplishment (have to know Michael).

At the birthday party I got to visit with my sister and watch my nephew bounce off the walls. Its was great! They played pin the nose on the clown and Jaxson and Parker both peeked through the blindfold, I couldn't stop laughing. They also played musical pillows which was down right hillarious!! Mason thought he needed to sit on the same exact pillow each time, but when Zachary tried to sit on it, he shoved him off! Kennedy didn't feel like playing so she just watched, and Raegan was cute as ever trying to be the center of attention. When we first got there I went to give her a hug and got the biggest Skank Eye ever!! Boy is she good at dirty looks! I laughed but of course Oscar would have none of it and picked her up, and she started crying for her mommy. It was very funny and sad at the same time. By the time we left for home she was smiling at us and giving her mommy dirty looks!

I was glad we made the trip and got to have a couple of days relaxing and visiting. Thanks Dad and Mom for all your help, love you lots! See you next time, and I'll remember the camera too.

Super Bowl


Well today was yet again another super bowl and of course Oscar had to have the 'party'! It's why we bought the TV all those years ago don't you know. *wink* So here is our house full of football fans, or food fans, or those who just want to get together and visit. *smile*

Our family really doesn't follow sports, but we like to have friends over and we like to watch the commericials. So here is a tribute to the super bowl. So until next year......

The famous and popular 'stadium seating' *wink*

Justin Bledsoe, ready for 'Game Time'.

Food gathering, and visiting. :)

Hi Miss Sara!!
Gathering to leave, its all over folks.
Hope all enjoyed themselves, I know the kids loved all the toys!!! It took the kids plus a couple of moms to straighten things up (thanks Moms!).