Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming Lessons


All the boys had a great time in their swimming lessons this year. They all did great.

Mason was in preschool level. The first day he was shivering soooo much I thought for sure he would get out, but he stuck to it and did everything his teacher asked him. The next day though when Oscar came to watch he said he was too cold and got out. However, the remaining time he was like a fish!!! He would put his water goggles on and go under the water. The first time he did this I nearly had a heart attack and went into labor!! I saw him sit down in the bottom of the 2 foot deep pool and screamed his name. The instructor looked back and he popped out of the water smiling all proud of himself. I felt like an idiot but at least he was safe. I just learned real quick not to worry so much because he could stand up in the pool. He did an awesome job! He even jumped off the diving board into the deep end when he was wearing his life jacket!!! He was the only one in his class that did. His teacher said he could start into Level 1, but he can't touch the bottom in that pool so I think we'll just stick with preschool level one more year. *smile* Here are some pictures of him.

Parker was in Level 1 this time. He was very excited to start, but on the first day he was FREEZING!! He kept telling his teacher no, and wouldn't do anything. I had to tell him if he didn't want to do what his teacher asked he was going to go back to the baby class. I did feel sorry for him because it was barely 65 degrees outside, but I didn't want the nasty attitude coming out. The second day he was a completely different boy, he did AWESOME!! He was excited to go everyday. He would tell me that he knew how to swim, and he was getting the technique down, but he really looked like he was drowning. *wink* I was really proud of him for doing so well. His teacher passed him, but I think we're going to practice a bit more in Level 1 again. Here are some pictures of Parker.

Zachary was in Level 3, it was his second time because I make my boys take the levels twice (good practice I think). He did great perfecting his strokes. He sure can hold his breath for a long time, but he needs to remember to 'blow his bubbles' so he isn't gasping for air when he comes up. His diving was AWESOME, not one belly flop, he dove like a pro! His teacher passed him so he will be moving onto Level 4 next year. GREAT JOB Zach!! Here are a couple pictures of him.

Oscar was in Level 5, for his first time. I thought this was going to be the 'survival' course, but I was mistaken. Apparently there is a Level 6 that is geared for that. Oscar's teacher was a very good teacher. He helped them all perfect the strokes they learned in Level 4, he would even get in the water and demonstrate how it was done. He was very strict about how things should be done, which I think he should be. He taught them how to do the summer salt thing in the water when you get close to the side of the pool so you can kick off quick and keep swimming (very funny to watch). Oscar did great in all his strokes, he only had a bit of a struggle with the butterfly. Here are some pictures of him.

I'm really glad they got to complete their lessons before Lily came. They are ready for next year. *smile*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At Home With Lily

Lily is such a sweet little bundle of joy! It's hard not to kiss her and put her down. She is loved by all her brothers and they stand in line to hold her. She has been such an uplifting little spirit in our home. The fighting and yelling and arguing has already died down, and more kindness and love has replaced it. She is definatley a little angel sent from Heaven!

Here is Lily getting ready to come home (thanks for the cute little dress Jessica).

The 1st ride in the carseat, she is just so tiny in it.

Grandma Williamson and Lily (she was so excited to see her, they decided to come up this weekend instead of waiting a week)

Daddy being silly

Yes Lily has a binky, but she doesn't need it, and she will only take it from my sister, but still a cute picture. *smile*

Pictures of Lily sleeping. She is cute whether she is sleeping or staring at you.

Thank you to all our friends and family who have helped in so many ways these past couple of days. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, you're the BEST!

Baby Lily


I have so many pictures of her, it's hard to pick just a few to show so I put a slide show together. We were all so happy to see her! I know at least her daddy and I were crying tears of joy when she was placed on my chest! We love her so much!!

We had a welcoming committee in our room on the 8th floor, look at those cute smiling faces! *smile* Thank you Kip and Jessica for bringing our boys up to meet their little sister, even if it was a bit late and the snack for Oscar. *wink*

Mason was a bit protective of his baby sister. When the nurse was taking her vitals and she was screaming he told the nurse 'She doesn't like you!' And then when Kip held her he said 'If you hurt Lily I will kick you and punch you in the face!' Wow!

Enjoy the pictures *smile*

Waiting For Lily


We started out this day bright and early! We had to be at the hospital at 7:00 am, but we didn't make it there until about 7:20. I was feeling guilty until I got upstairs to check in and somebody else was late too.

Here is my nurse, Noreen Poole, BEST nurse EVER!!! I was really at ease with her. She was talking to me about epidurals because she wanted me to be prepared if I should change my mind. She went through the whole procedure and told me the pros and cons, and then left it up to me to tell her if I wanted one. (FYI I didn't end up getting one it went really fast)

Me and my sister

The day went by fairly fast, but the labor part was drawn out! I wasn't in pain the whole time it just took forever for the contractions to kick in hard enough to get things going. My doctor wanted it to be at least 8 hours so I would have enough antibotics so the 'pit' was a low dose at first. After awhile the screen was looking like this, my eyes were squeezed shut as I would sing a song in my head to distract me, praying at the same time I was far enough along and wouldn't need an epidural.

Iwas making huge progress but my doctor had an emergency he had to deal with and he had the nurses take me off the 'pit', so things slowed down a bit. Within a half hour he was back and I was on 'pit' again humming my song, and Lily was born within 5 minutes of my doctor walking back into the room!! 8:12 p.m.

Hallejuha!!! She's here!! *smile*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome Baby Lily


She's finally here!! *smile*

Lily made her debut into the world on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 8:12 pm, weighing 7 lbs 10 oz, 19 1/2 inches long.

She instantly warmed hearts and tears of joy flowed (even her daddy). She has brought such love, peace, happiness, and joy into our family already. We are so very blessed she is a part of our lives.

***more pictures to follow***

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Date is Set - Countdown Begins

I can't decide if I'm more excited or nervous for next Wednesday the 8th. After a bunch of discussions with my doctor about the best thing to do, the date was set to be induced.

I really do not like the whole pitossin thing, but according to the doctor it might be the only way to get Lily here. The last two kids I kinda started on my own (a week later than the due date) but had to be put on 'pit' to keep things moving along. My body is giving out apparently. Plus I have never been so uncomfortable with my boys and really really do not want to go a week over again, and of course the heat has really been getting at me.

Of course most people know that I am petrified of an epidural so it makes the whole pitossin thing worse! Regular labor is not as intense as it is being induced with pitossin, so we shall see how long I last this time. I really have turned into a winny, grouchy, wuss!

BUT the good happy thing is our little girl with be with us in less than a week!! WOW it's exciting and scary at the same time. Mason is by FAR the most excited for her to come, he asks everyday if she is coming today. We have her bed ready, change table with cute little pink and purple clothes, and the rocking chair out. Mom and Lily have bags packed for the hospital stay and now its a waiting game. The boys have gotten through their swimming lessons and hopefully their dentist appointments. :)

Sure I'd like to get a few more things done before she comes, but I just can't seem to do much except read or lay down. So.....

The coutdown begins!!! We are so excited to meet our little Lily! *smile*