Saturday, November 7, 2009

Having Fun With Lily

The other day I was thinking about getting Lily's pictures taken. I had all my boys pictures taken at 4 months and so I want to have Lily's done too. So I was playing 'dress up' again with Lily and taking some fun poses of her so I would have some better ideas when Sara comes to take her picture. I found my baby picture and had to compare it to see if she looks like me at all, since all my boys seem to resemble their dad. So.... do you think she looks like her mom?


Mommy at 4 months

Here are some other fun shots we did.

It sure is fun having a girl!! I can't wait for Sara to work her magic for us! *smile*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year we started the Halloween celebration with the wards 'Trunk or Treat', and of course I forgot the camera! Here are the pumpkins we decorated the trunk with. Dad and O Town also but some african animal skulls in the back to 'livin' things up a bit.

Here is what they dressed up as this year. Parker was a Ninja

Mason was a Clone Trooper

Zachary was a 'Gangsta'

Lily was cozy and warm *smile* (Thanks Sara for the snuggly!)

O Town went as himself since he only got home 45 minutes before we left the house. Then on Halloween night we got together with friends to do the annual Trick or Treating around the neigborhood. I drove the van around since Lily fell asleep and in case it got to cold. It didn't get to cold since the boys were literally running from house to house and started sweating, so the coats were shed. However the van was used as a 'Safe Place' for Mason when other peoples costumes became to 'scary', poor kid.

Here is a picture of Miss Lily after she woke up.

The boys collected enough candy to last them a year!! It would be less if I didn't put the candy up on top of the fridge! Plus I'm trying to stay out of it myself.

O Towns 1st Deer

So after 3 weekends of hunting Oscar (aka O Town) finally got to pose for his own picture! Congratulations, you've been accepted into 'The Club' *smile*

From what his dad says he was a HUGE trooper, keepin up the whole time with Dad on those steep steep hills. He is growing up WAY TOO FAST for me! I think he is now taller than me too, plus having bigger hands and feet already, Good Grief!

I am very proud of you Oscar. But now were glad that you'll be home for the weekends *smile*

Hi Grandpa Bullock

Hi Dad,

Since you said you get to see Conor a bunch and not Lily I made this post especially for you to see some more updated pictures. *smile* We love and miss you and Grandma and can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!

Are You Kidding Me?

Apparently at age 10 eating chocolate pudding can be a challenge. *wink*

Did you know that taking medicine when you don't feel so hot really does make you feel better?

Here's how I found Mason a little while later after taking some for his fever. What do you think, should I move him, is he gonna get a kink in his neck?

Gotta Love Um *smile*