Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day Again

My boys were so excited to have another day off from school, it started the night before. When the 9:oo news didn't show Nampa Schools closed Zachary was so upset he just went to his room to cry. By the time the 10:00 news came on and said there was no school, he quietd down and went right to sleep, but they were both up before 7:00!! Figures!!!

Here's a picture of them playing in the snow Tuesday night. They wanted to build a snow fort, but I don't seem to have a picture of that.

Here are some from yesterday's "Snow Day". Oscar is buried in the snow. The younger Stewart boys came to help too.
This is Austin Stewart buried. Can you see the tip of his white hat?
And of course here is Mason trying to ride his bike. How Cute!!

Happy Birthday Daddy

The big 35!!! WoooHoooo!!!!

The boys and I had fun singing and making brownies for their #1 DAD in the whole world!!! We sang to him as he was walking in the door from work.

I think Parker was just excited to eat the brownies. He helped me make them earlier in the day and asked me almost every hour when dad would be home so he could have one.

We gave daddy an MP3 player of his own (since he was borrowing Zachary's) he can use when he is working out. Here he is all smiles with his 'boys'.
Happy Birthday Daddy!!! We love you!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker

Parker celebrated his 5th birthday on January 10th, but if you ask him he is 6. He seems to think that he turned 5 on the 10th, but when we had a birthday party for him on the 12th he turned 6. At least he is not saying he is 7 still, (when the primary sang to him on Sunday). I can't tell you the number of arguements we've had over this. I've started to just ignore him. I'm tired of fighting with him, he has too much Bullock attitude (I blame my dad who he was named after).

He had fun playing with his friends and opening his presents, two of which were nerf guns, just what I needed. It wasn't so bad until Uncle Michael started shooting all the kids, which quickly started into a nerf war with everyone, I mean everyone. It then led to a snowball fight outside.

Parker was oblivous to everything since he was enjoying his new bike.

New at Blogging

I just love friends!!!!

Jessica was so nice to come to my house and help me learn about this cool thing people call 'Blogging', so now I have no excuses right?! I am excited to get some pictures up to share, but I have to find them first.

Thanks again Jessica, you're the best.
P.S. I have your phone number on speed dial!