Friday, April 30, 2010

Lily at 9 months


Today we went for a routine checkup for Lily and here are her stats *smile*

Weight - 19 lbs 5 oz (65%)
Height - 29 1/2 in (90%)
Head - 17 1/2 in (50%)

She is 'long and lanky' as her Doctor says.  I just call her 'Miss Skinny Minny' *smile*  She is doing great, doing all the right things developmentally.  The only thorn in my side is her birthmark (see other post)  She is happy and healthy and extremely LOVED.  She has learned to pull herself up to a standing position, had her crib bed lowered, decided it was faster to crawl than scoot on her belly, fell asleep with daddy on his bed, went to watch brothers play soccer for the first time, grew two more teeth, how to 'dance' in her own way, clap her hands together which is soooo stinkin cute, modeled her first pony tail, and hold her own bottle!!  Wow!  I'd say she's been busy *smile*

Here are some pictures of her this month.

What a sweetie!!  I forgot to mention she has also learned how to throw a fit!

Mason's Last Day of Preschool


Today was bittersweet for me.  Mason has been part of a preschool co-op group for 2 years now, and has had an awesome time.  He has learned so much, I'm so very impressed with his ability to remember and grasp things I thought would be difficult for him.  Today was their last day together, so we got together to have a semi graduation and celebrate with cupcakes.  I'm happy he learned so much, but sad because all his friends are headed to kindergarten in the fall and he is not.  Mason has a late birthday so he will have one more year of preschool.  It will be good for him because he still seems little to me even though he missed the date by one month.  He will continue to learn and that is the important part. *smile*

Here they are all together watching cartoons waiting for the graduation to start...(the boy on the far left is a little brother to Gage) Megan Warrick, Mason, Gage Baumgartner, Beni Miller.

Lily waiting for graduation to start...

Here they are singing their songs and reciting the 'Pledge of Allegiance'

Mason showing his shapes

Mason showing his graduation certificate

Congratulations Mason!  I know you'll do great next year too. *smile*

Oscar and Robie Creek 2010


The day finally arrived to run Robie Creek!  Oscar has been training for this race about 5 to 6 times a week, which has been exhausting to me, but he says he's been feeling great!  I wasn't able to go and watch since the race takes place in the hills and there is no parking, so I had to rely on others for some pictures of him.  The race is 13 miles with 8 miles uphill and the last 5 down.  It has been dubbed the hardest half marthon in the northwest!  So why did Oscar decide to run it??  Beats me, but he does have a tendancy to push himself to do hard things.

Before the race with his buddies Bryce DeForest and Vaughn Sitts, looking pretty cheeful huh. (the date on the picture is wrong it should say 04/17/2010)

During the race....  Oscar said at about mile 6 he was not enjoying himself much and was looking for a place to through himself down and quit.  But, then he saw people at the watering stations cheering him on, someone with a mister (spray thing), a man with a hose, and of course someone with a CAMERA!!  So he perked right up *smile*

At the finish line....
What would a finish be without Oscar dancing across it???

After the race....  He had 4 pepsi's, 2 gatorades, 2 waters, 2 chocolate milks after the race!!  He said right before the race started he had to pee, but he didn't go.  During the race he drank at every watering station and had all that at the end.  He came home 3 hours later and still he didn't have to pee!  I'd say he was pretty dehydrated!!

His goal was to finish the race in 2 hours 20 minutes.  His final time was 2 hrs, 24 mins 31 secs!  GREAT JOB!!!

Hanging Out....

This month we have been anxiously awaiting spring like weather!  The weather likes to tease us by giving us a couple of awesome days, and then decides to drop 20 dgrees the next day.  We have had sunshine with temperatures in the 70's, windy, thunder, lighting, rain, hail, and more rain!  Can't wait for some nice sunny warm days (not hot, warm)

So we've been playing a bunch inside, and sometimes trying to brave the weather outside.  Here are a couple of pictures I have found on my camera.

Here are my boys doing what they love, DANCING!!  If you look close you can see Lily peeking in one of the pictures *smile*

Having fun on the trampoline.  This was one of those slightly chilly days, but I needed to send them outside to get some built up energy out.  Don't you just love Mason's hair? *smile*

Here is Lily LOVIN on blankets......


I didn't know what this picture was all about, but died laughing when I saw it.  I later asked Oscar about it and he said, "Yah I told him to do that, so I took his picture"  Which surprises me because lately Mason has become a clean 'FREAK' he washes he hands ALL the time, won't touch his underware to pull them up to get dressed, wont touch the garage door to open it, won't use someone elses towel to dry off.  But then he'll turn around and do this, or even kiss his daddy's sweaty belly, or LICK his shoes?????  Really this kid makes me shake my head!  We still love him to pieces though.  Daddy always tells him 'Good thing you're cute!'

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 13th Mr. Teenager!!


Oscar officially became a sassy teenager at 4:23 am!! (Okay he has had the sassy part down for about a year now *wink*) Just in case you're wondering what 4:23am looks like, her you go......

I LOVE waking him up that early to sing to him, but it is short lived because I kiss him goodnight afterwards and he rolls over and goes back to sleep!  This year I tried taking a picture in the dark with just a nightlight but it didn't work so we flipped the light on quick to take a picture, hehehehehe

This year he decided to have a movie/video game party.  He invited some friends over for pizza, a movie, and video games.  I made them sit in a circle and each say how they new Oscar since not all the party guests knew each other.

Halfway through the movie they decided to stack pop cans, they got eleven stacked before they fell.

Present time!  Oscar ended up with a BUNCH of candy, $76 in cash, and $40 in gift cards!!  I'd say he's set for a bit *smile*

I LOVED this creative wrapping style...

Oscar wasn't to impressed with part of his Aunt Teresa's gift, but his reaction was PRICELESS!!!  (BTW she gave him a gift card with a package of undies!! hehehehehe)

Cake and ice cream!!  Since his birthday was centered around movies and video games I came up with this idea for his cake, after having a brainstorming session with a great friend.

I was pretty pleased with myself that it actually turned out and I had it done with a whole 7 hours before the party.  Yah for Me!!

Singing 'Happy Birthday'....(is Oscar singing along, or rolling his eyes???)

Makin a wish and blowin the candles....

Afterwards most of them headed out into the dark backyard to play 'Capture the Flag' while waiting for the families to come and get them.  They went through 3 cases of pop and 4 Family size pizzas!!  WOW!  Thank goodness I had my mom here to help me clean up!  Thanks mom LOVE you!!

Happy Birthday Oscar!  We love you and are so proud to have you as part of our family!

Easter 2010


Easter morning I woke up to hearing 'Can we look at our baskets yet? Pleeeeeeaaasssseee!!!!'  Here is what was left for the kiddos.....

Here are the kiddos anxiously waiting.

Diggin in....

Mason is pretty happy I think *wink*

Lily's first Easter Basket...

She decided Oscar had more interesting items than hers.....

The day before we colored eggs.  I found a great kit where you turned your colored eggs into monsters!  Here are their 'hideous' creations *smile*




Oscar...(he gave up after having a hissy fit because the glue wouldn't hold on a pipe cleaner and make his look like a monk.  hehehehe  He had to go to the priesthood session of general conference anyway.)

The boys enjoyed having all their snacks to munch on during conference.  Lily enjoyed explorin the house, here she has discovered the heater vent in the kitchen.  Ummm Lily that's a bit GROSS!

We had a nice ham dinner and a quiet evening together as a family.  Daddy was chosen to read some bedtime stories to the boys, which they absolutely LOVED! 

I just love holidays *smile*