Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lily and the Dermatologist

At the beginning of this month I noticed Lily's birthmark was looking strange (I later found out it is called a strawberry hemangioma).  It looked like it had a scab on it, but it never bled and I never found any blood on her clothes.  I called her pediatrican and they told me to just watch it, which I did.  A couple of days later it looked like it was peeling.  Then Lily would start waking up in the mornings Screaming!  During the day she was always whinny.  It took me a couple more days to figure out that her birthmark had actually broke open!  It is located on her belly over her right hip.  So the diaper rubs it and because she scoots on her belly that irritates it too.  She was screaming because everytime her diaper got too wet it would burn!  And if you touched her wrong she would scream.  I found out because I was using a wet wipe and went over it and she screamed bloody murder!!  Poor baby. 

I took her immediatley to the pediatrican and with one look they gave her a perscription of antibiotics and a number to a dermatologist.  I had to keep it clean and dry and try not to irritate it, which equalled covering it up with gauze and changing it daily.  It took a couple of days to get into see the dermatologist, but when we did they said they were going to do some research on the best treatment procedure and have us come back.  In the meantime I still had to keep it covered. They gave me some neat bandages to use since what I was using was irritating her skin.  We have come to realize this little girl has some very sensitive skin! 

Well it took 2 1/2 weeks before we got back there!  That did not make me happy at all, and I was about to call a different Dermatologist when they called back and had information for me.  According to their research Laser treatment was the best option.  The topical creams that are available weren't showing good results, and because of the location of her birthmark they suggested a V-beam treatment.  They reassured me it was simple and safe and that they would numb her before doing the treatment.

When the day finally came to take her back (April 27th) I had Oscar come with me.  We were going to have to hold her down so we could avoid knocking her out.  I got there early so they could put the numbing cream on her, but I waited too long in the waiting room.  When the dermatologist came back in the room he was all ready to do the procedure.  Lily hadn't been numbed yet.  I asked if it was going to hurt her and he said, 'Oh yes she'll scream'.  I said I was told she could have the area numbed first.  He said 'well she would probably scream from the shot too'.  I said 'Wait a minute, the gal I talked to yesterday said she would put a cream on her'  The doctor said 'Oh yah that would work, lets do that'  WHAT!!!  Good thing he left and would not do the procedure, a different lady would be doing it.  Seriously, she's 9 months old people!!  They put the numbing cream on Lily and then we had to wait for 30 minutes.  While we were waiting Lily figured out how to scoot along the furniture while standing, so I guess it was still a good day *smile*

When the 30 minutes were up we got ready to hold her down.  I was going to hold her hands, and Oscar was going to hold her legs.  She didn't want to keep the eye guards on so I had to hold them on her eyes while Oscar had to hold both her hands and legs.  Poor baby, she screamed during the treatment which was unbelievably fast (less than two minutes).  I think/hope she was screaming more from being held than the laser.  They told us to keep the area covered for a couple of days and to come back in four weeks to see if there is any change. 

She hasn't fussed about it since. She always wants to scratch the area so I have to make sure it is either covered and/or her fingernails are trimmed.  I haven't noticed any change in it other than it doesn't look opened like it had a couple of weeks ago.  I'm praying this treatment solves this problem and she has no side effects either.