Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Helping Out and Hangin Out

December 2010

I finally had Oscar take a moment and finish up some 'honey do's' for me today and fixing the kitchen faucet happened to be one of them.  It should have been a quick fix, but it didn't turn out that way.

This was taken about the 2 hour mark, I took it far away so you couldn't see the frustration in Oscar's eyes.  Good thing we didn't have video cuz there were 'some' choice words uttered *wink*

But...I finally got the new nicer faucet!  Thanks honey!  Oscar had Zachary start cleaning up all the tools he pulled out to fix it, and Lily was right there with her 'helping' hands. *wink*

 What a cutie...

 Lily LOVED these cheeseballs!  They were Parker and Mason's reward for keeping their room clean for a whole week, but Lily thought they belonged JUST to her.  Can you see one stuffed in her mouth? *smile*

This one is hilarious!  Zachary woke up one morning and found himself in this position.....

How in the world can you sleep like that!  I made him re-create the scene, too funny!

1st Snow

December 2010

We finally received some white stuff!! We have to enjoy it whenever it comes so here are the boys playing in it before bed *smile*

So they really didn't 'play' in the snow, they just made a few quick snowballs and I took their picture *smile*

They next day I got Mason and Lily dressed up to play in it.  There wasn't a lot of snow and it was frozen, but like I said we have to take every opportunity we can. *smile*  This was Lily's 1st official time in the snow!  Thanks Aunt Teresa for the winter gear *smile*

 The classic snow angel.....

Later when the rest of the boys came home from school they all went out again for some more fun.

 MOM! *eyeroll*

 Parker had a rough start, he was upset at his gloves or hat or something, but he perked up after a few minutes and was out playing in the white stuff.

We all LOVE the snow!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oscar's Hunts

September through November 2010

So OTown has had a busy hunting season this year.  It all started back in July when he found out that he drew on some AMAZING tags!  One was the coveted Owyhees Buck Tag!  I had NO clue how good it was, but after watching Dad's reaction and all his friends I knew it must be something FANTASTIC!  He also drew an antelope tag and had a general season elk tag.

September is when he went on his antelope hunt which only took one outing to be successful.  His tag was for doe or fawn which was hard for him because he saw a huge buck in the group he was hunting.  But he was still happy with his results.....

Next he started in October with a scouting trip to the Owyhees to spot some bucks before his hunt opened the next week.  The scouting trip was so so but they were way excited to get to hunt with Oscar's good friend Bryce DeForest.  Once again OTown was successful on the 1st trip.  That wasn't the most amazing part about the hunt it was the size of the buck! 

Shortly after the buck was down I got a phone call from (Oscar) dad (literally 1 minute after).  My phone was kinda cutting out and Oscar was talking so fast that I thought somebody had been SHOT!!  After we both calmed down he was able to tell me 'You need to congratulate your son'.  He had just shot a MONSTER buck, way bigger than anything thing his dad had gotten, let alone seen!  I could tell Dad was way more excited than OTown, since he (OTown) only had one word answers to my questions, and his dad was almost hyperventilating!  I don't think it really had sunk in yet.  It was a 8 x 10 buck, 29", and scored 209" AWESOME!

Then later in the same week he went elk hunting with his dad. They met up with some friends Warren and his son Austin Stewart.  The day before Warren got his elk so they were all heading back in to help him pack it out.  As they were hiking in Austin spotted an elk and got his, and a short while later OTown spotted a 4 point raghorn and got it!  Lucky for him since it was close to a 500 yard shot!  It's that Williamson luck again *wink*

Amazing!!  He sure had a very SUCCESSFUL year I'd say *smile*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Having Fun

November 2010

Here are the results of another successful hide-n-seek game with the family!  I am always amazed at the places they can get themselves into.

Can you see Oscar behind the love seat?  He's got himself all scrunched up into a backwards ball!!

I woke up one morning to the sounds of someone in the laundry room.  I thought it was just one of the older boys getting something.  When I kept hearing the dryer open and close I got out of bed.  To my surprise I found this...

Good Grief Mason!!  What are you doing in there?  He said he wanted to sit on his warm blanky!  Of course *wink*

Daddy has always liked his pop cold!  He will put them in the freezer to get them to cool down fast, but most of the time forgets they are there and then has to wait for it to thaw out a bit.  I never understand this, why not just put ice cubes in the glass and pour?  Anyway... this time the pop was just in the outside fridge when he went out to get one we found this...

The top of the can blew completly OFF!!  Boy did he have a fun time cleaning up that mess *smile*

Playing in the Leaves

Nov 2010

Today was such a beautiful day Parker and Mason wanted to rake up some leaves.  It was lots of fun watching them work and play.  Some of those leaves were bigger than their faces!!

We only got one bag full, we left the rest for daddy or mother nature to take of *smile*

Birthday Present


Today is my birthday (Vicki aka Mom) and this is what I got...

They are sooo pretty, and smell beautiful!  The picture doesn't do it justice, the flowers are bigger than my hand!! Thanks babe, LOVE you!

Halloween 2010

October 30, 2010

This year we celebrated Halloween at the ward Trunk or Treat.  They all got lots of candy and had a fun time.  At the last minute we borrowed a cute little princess witch costume for Lily, she was so adorable!  (thanks Alyce!)

Mason - Ninja Turtle, Lily - princess witch, Parker - Soccer Player...

They got to be in the Halloween Costume Parade....

Zachary the grim reaper (all in black)...

Parker and Mason...

and miss Lily (she didn't want to keep the hat on and was a little nervous with all those people staring at her)...

Here is what our trunk looked like...

Mason, Parker, and Lily all started out together to get some yummy candy, but Lily was a little slower so her brother's left her in the dust.  Good thing mommy was with her.  She was hilarious though.  Instead of saying Trick or Treat and holding up her basket, she would walk up to the person and throw her bucket towards them.  hahahaha too cute!!

Crazy Hair Day

October 2010

This week at the kids school they were celebrating Red Ribbon Week, each day was some new activity.  On crazy hair day we spray painted the boys hair, and Mason didn't want to be left out either.  So what do you think?

The next day was Red, White, Blue day so we painted their hair red.  Parker and Mason's scalp's stayed red for at least a week!


Mom can u take 9 pictures of me?

October 2010

Mason has been watching us snap pictures of all sorts of things/events that last little while, and I guess he was feeling left out, or maybe he wanted to be the center of attention (go figure *wink*).  He walks up to me and says "Mom can you take 9 pictures of me?"  haha

So here are the results, some of the pictures were twice of the same pose so I just posted one each *smile*

Gotta LOVE this kiddo!