Friday, November 19, 2010

What A Cutie!

Over the last month Lily has been a little cutie, a little stinker, and everything in between! I try to grab the camera when she is doing something silly or cute, so I thought I would share with you some of those moments.

Lily likes to climb into anything she can find/manage, usually it's the laundry baskets, but not this time.  I was taking the diapers out of the box to put on her change table and she just took off with the box.  She climbed in and pretty much whined/grunted until someone would pull her around in it. hahaha

Mason had a bug birthday party theme this year, and she absolutely LOVED the plastic bugs.  I think she may have liked them even more than Mason.  She would laugh the hardest when I would take one and pretend to 'get' her with it.  She would then take one and try to get me or whoever else was by her. When I showed her daddy what she was up to he thought it was a picture of Mason!  WHAT!  She doesn't look like a BOY!  But then I calmed down and I noticed the similarities, good grief they are related Vicki *smile*  I'm okay now I just make sure I do something with her hair each day *wink*

Ahhhhh I LOVE those chocolate chip brown eyes!  The permanent mohawk on her head is hilarious too. *smile*

She wanted to help me do some cooking, but wouldn't let me have the cupcake holders, geesh!

This is what we call Lily's $500 toy!  Amazingly it will calm her right down with any tantrum she may be in.  YEP she throws fits and they are definitely girl fits!  hahaha  I blame it on her dad cuz there is NO way I would ever act like that *smile*

Here she is cute as a button sportin her double pony style!  LOVE her!

One day she was throwing a fit over something and I just happened to say 'You want to do your hair?'  WOW!!  She shot off like a cannon to the bathroom and immediately stopped crying!  I couldn't believe it!  So we stayed in the bathroom and played with our different hair accessories.  We both had a lot of fun *smile

Her hair is getting long enough to make two little pig tails in the back.  I call them pig tails instead of pony tails because her hair curls just like a pigtail, it's soo cute!

Here are a couple of pictures of her acting like her dad.  1st she has bedhead, 2nd she's sticking her tongue wayyyy out there saying 'blahhh', 3rd she's talking/playing with the phone.  Spittin image hahaha

This is one of my favorites!  This is the look I see 90% of the time.  She is trying to get something she wants.  She reaches her hand out and say 'Peaze' which is suppose to be please, but sometimes sounds like 'psst'.  Plus this little one looks very pretty in orange. 

We went to her well baby checkup a couple of weeks ago and her doctor said she's doing great.  She told me to try and take her off her bottle (NOT likely since that's how she goes to sleep), and to try and give her toddler formula.  Lily REFUSES to drink cow milk and she wont even touch formula unless it is in her bottle and she is ready to go to sleep!  Oh well she eats everything else so I'm not gonna complain. *smile*  She is still our little 'skinny minny', she weighs 22 lbs 13 oz (50%) and stands 31 inches tall (75%).  Her head measured 18 1/4" (75%).  She has slowed down a bit but continuing to grow healthy and strong.  She had to get some shots which of course she didn't like, but she calmed right down and later at home ripped the bandaids right off. Our whole family absolutely adores her, even when she's a little stinker!  But what I have come to realise lately is that she wont stay little and I have to treasure these moments and all the other wonderful moments with my older children now while they are happening.  I am truly a blessed woman with an absolutely fantastic husband, four outstanding sons, and a beautiful daughter.  What more could I ask for?  Maybe eternity?  Oh yeah we have that now too!!!  Life is Great!