Monday, February 21, 2011

Parker's Baptism

February 5, 2011

Today my wonderful son Parker Dean was baptised by his own Daddy!  What an AWESOME experience!  I was smiling the whole time and so was Parker.  He looked so handsome in his black suite and his red backpack full of the things he would need.  Just before he went to the church he opened a gift from the primary it was a white towel embroidered with 'Parker 2011'.  What a great gift.

We had to be there a little bit early so Parker and Daddy could get ready in their whites.

Boy do I love this little man, and of course the big man standing right beside him.  There is just something about being dressed in white that gives me the goosebumps and a peaceful/loving feeling at the same time.

While we were waiting we walked the halls a little bit with Lily and here are some shots I got.

 Oscar and Zachary are such comedians, I'm glad I got some goofy pictures of them. *smile*


During the the baptism I was anxious and peaceful at the same time.  I was so happy to see Oscar standing in the water baptising Parker (his first), and of course Parker was still all smiles.  I felt the spirit and was reminded what is the most important things in this life.  During the confirmation I felt those same feelings of peace and love and the spirit witnessing to us the importance of this day for Parker.

Afterwards we had invited friends and family to a small dinner in honor of my little man.

The kids ate mostly the dessert, but we enjoyed having people together to celebrate.   Thanks to all of you who came.

At home Parker was finally able to open a gift from all of us, his very own scriptures.  They are blue with silver pages with his name engraved on the front.  He even has his own scripture case for them too.  Grandma Bullock also got him a special card, a bookmark, and a cute tie tack.  It's a soccer ball with 'CTR' across the top.

He LOVES his scriptures!  He carried them around everywhere.  He kept opening them, reading a few versus here and there, and just holding them close to him.  I loved watching him.  He was a little sad later to learn his name had been misspelled and Grandma was going to have to take them and get it fixed.  But Grandma is such a wonderful lady she had them back to him sooo fast, he hardly had time to miss them, thank you Grandma!

This is how I find him when he has his scriptures.

He was even reading them during sacrament!  He made my heart melt all over again.  Congratulations Parker!  We Love You!



My mom and sister came down to visit this weekend so we took advantage of the opportunity and had a night out.  Oscar and I double dated with my sister and Oscar's friend Josh.  We went to dinner first, my favorite place Olive Garden, and had some yummy food and funny conversations.  My sister was picture happy tonight so.....Warning:  Lots of pictures!

At dinner......

I should also mention that for some of us it was very hard to take a serious picture!  However, I'm not naming names *smile*

Then onto bowling.  I bowl like I always do, my best game is first and then I go downhill from there.  It was a blast!  I haven't went to cosmic bowling in a LONG time, it was super fun.

Oscar and I are showcasing our FABULOUS shoes, oh wait I think Oscar is showcasing something else!  

 Here we are showing off our excellent bowling skills *smile*    Oscar.....
 Oscar trying to distract Vicki.....
 And Josh again....
When we weren't bowling we were snapping pictures, here are just a few *wink*

Josh and Oscar CRACK me up!!  There were lots to choose from so I just added my favorites!  HAHAHA

Here we go again.....*smile* 

Teresa was a fan of hiding behind my hair....hehehehe
This is my absolute FAVORITE of the night!

Thanks for the fun evening!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watching American Idol

January 2011

I have been watching American Idol since it's 2nd season.  I usually end up watching by myself as the season goes on because Oscar just likes watching the audition episodes.  He LOVES the people who can't sing, look hideous, and have attitude!  While I will admit a lot of them are funny, it is soooo hard for me to watch the ones who stink!  I get so embarrassed for them I can barely watch sometimes.  Oscar always makes fun of me, so one night he grabbed the camera and started capturing my different reactions to the show...

I am SUPER embarrassed for whoever is singing!

 Laughing at those weirdos.....
 embarrassed again....
 'What in the World!'.....
 Ahhhhhh this must be one of the sappy stories and then they sing and they are AMAZING!!
 Lily was feeling left out...
 Yep, this is one of the stories that make you cry!  What can I say I'm a crybaby!

 Hi Lily....
I am not the only one who reacts this way, but I was the only one with pictures.  If you look closely at the first picture Zach is not to sure about the person singing... *smile*