Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baptism Day!



October 25, 2008 will be seared into my memory forever, the day Oscar was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What an awesome day to experience! I have been dreaming of this day for over 10 years and it was just as sweet as I dreamed it. We were surrounded by so many family members and friends I will cherish it always. This was a huge step for Oscar to make, and he did it for the right reasons, for himself. I have seen Oscar grow spiritually so much over the past couple of weeks it's like I'm watching miracle after miracle right before my eyes, I love it. I don't think I will ever forget the feelings of the spirit I have had during this time, and it's always strongest around Oscar. I am so proud of him, and so happy it's hard to put words to my feelings. I am still up in the clouds and it's wonderful.

Oscar was baptized by one of his great friends Todd Downing. Todd was the first one to encourage Oscar to take the missionary discussions, and after that they became fast friends. There friendship still remained true even when Todd moved his family to Allen, Texas. How fitting it was to have him come all this way for Oscar, what a great friend. Thank you Todd!

Oscar was very impressed with the missionaries this time around especially Elder Harvey (far right). From the first time Oscar chatted with him he liked him, they had a lot in common except for their age *wink*. He would crack jokes right along with Oscar during the discussions and even brought him chocolate chocolate chip cookies and M&M's!! Oscar loved it. Thanks Elders for who you are and who you represent, your parents must be so proud. We will never forget you ever!

Here are my boys with their daddy, don't they look sharp?

Family shot (love it)

Oscar holding Raegan with Grandma Bullock holding Kennedy, and Aunt Teresa holding Jaxson.

The baptism program had to be held in the chapel since so many had called Oscar to tell him they were coming. So many people showed up I wasn't able to shake hands, say hello, or even give hugs to everyone, but please know it meant the world to Oscar and to me to see you there supporting him. The spirit was once again strong in the meeting. Our loving former Bishop Layton Anderson gave a talk on baptism which was awesome, and even told some memories of Oscar. When it was time for the baptism we all went back to the Relief Society Room to standing room only. We all crunched in together to see Oscar being baptized by Todd. I was afraid Mason was going to fall in head first because he wanted to touch the water so bad! Thank goodness Grandma was within reaching distance. I had been doing good the whole day but as Oscar was lowered into the water the tears of joy started coming. I was so so happy, and I truly thought I wouldn't be where I was for a very long time, my numerous prayers had been answered. What a wonderful memory to cherish.

We all went back into the chapel to wait for Oscar and Todd while Addie Ashton (my friend) played some beautiful music. I even got to see some more people and give hugs and talk briefly. When they came back in, Kip Dribnak, one of Oscar's best friends & our home teacher, gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. He started by telling how he came to know Oscar and our family, it was funny to hear it from his perspective. He talked about how my boys would do cartwheels off him and be rowdy, Oscar not wanting to be preached to, and the yummy desserts. I had to laugh at the rule we had to make where Kip had to give the lesson within the first 5 minutes of coming, before any other topics could be discussed (Oscar has the gift of gab). He also talked about how Jessica would have to call after being there for 2 hours and telling him it was time to come home. hehehe He gave a great talk and even bore his testimony and I teared up again, good thing for waterproof mascara.

Oscar was then confirmed by Warren Stewart who has also been in our lives for these past 10 years too. I didn't count how many Oscar was surrounded by but here is what I remember to the best of my knowledge Warren, Todd Downing, Kip Dribnak, Neil Adams, Carter Andrew, Kelby Dribnak, Dave Perry, Jason Oswald, Shane Dittrich, Jody Sedrick, Brent Lee, and Jason Kotter if I left someone out I apologize. (please let me know who so I can add them to my list). I know Oscar wanted to include more friends too. During the blessing all it took was Warren starting to get emotional and I couldn't hold it in anymore, I started crying. Thank goodness I was on the front row.

Bishop Ashton welcomed Oscar to the ward and afterwards Oscar got up to say a few words. He did great and is much better talking in front of people than I am. You could understand him and he joked, me I just talk fast, cry, and my words sound all shaky! He talked about how all the little things added up that helped him to this day. For that I have many many people to thank and the list could go on and on, Thank You, Thank You to all of you. I also liked how he had a picture of a smiley face to remind him to smile and not cry. He said he knew he was a member of the church because he was bearing his testimony and he was crying *smile* He wasn't really crying he just got teary eyed. I love him very much!

Afterwards we headed over to the Happy Valley Building for a dinner. Lots of people were there and I could tell Oscar was happy. He only wished there were more of him so he could talk with everybody. I tried to get pictures of everyone, but some left before I could, others weren't able to make it to the dinner, so I did the best I could. Just so you have a rough idea of how many were supporting Oscar on his special day, I planned dinner for 200 people (more than that were at the baptism). Thank goodness for awesome friends Judie Sedrick and Sara Adams they took the reins of planning the majority of it so I wouldn't get stressed out. Thank you gals, and thanks to all of you who brought your yummy dishes to share, I think I'm gonna need a few recipes (Jessica *wink*). Since I took so many pictures here is a slide show of them. Some of them are not the best, some were eating, some blurry, but you were there and are a part of our memories. Thank you to the Oswalds and Perry's for the picture of the Boise Temple with the inscription 'Williamson Family Sealing', I'll keep it pretty until that day happens. *smile*

Thanks again to all of our dear friends and family, we LOVE you all. Thanks for being such great friends to Oscar all these years.

A Walk Through Nature


Our good friend Todd had a suggestion of going down to the Boise River this afternoon, and Oscar suggested the MK Nature Center. We hadn't been there in years and it sounded like a great Sunday afternoon activity with the family.

Lil O was in charge of the camera and he had some great shots.

Zachary and his 'Williamson' sign *wink*

Dad found a '4 leaf clover'

It was great getting out on a nice autumn day. Todd was telling us how lucky we are to have 4 seasons. Down in Texas they have two 'Hot' and 'Not so Hot', it's either green or dead. He loved looking at all the different colors, he was snapping pictures left and right. Oscar was taking pictures with his cell phone and texting Todd's oldest daughter Riley so she could see some pictures too. We even took a brief stroll on the greenbelt. Man have things changed since Oscar and I worked down there 12 years ago. Thanks Todd for the great idea.

End of the Soccer Season


Today was Oscar, Zachary, and Parker's last soccer games for the season, we'll start back up in the spring. I was happy that it was at least sunny today and not Freeeezzzzing!

Here are some pictures of Parker in action....

Team Shot. The poster they are holding is one Parker made for their team to hold up when they scored goals! I thought it was awesome.

I finally got some halfway decent ones of Zachary, it figures it was his last game! Here he is playing goalie...

Here he is as a forward......

Team shot.

I am happy we get a breather for awhile. I think all the boys did great this season. I don't have Oscar's final pictures because his game was at 8:00 this morning and the rest of us weren't ready to go. GREAT JOB BOYS!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008



I have waited to hear these words for over 10 years now.

"Vicki, I've decided to get baptised"

Tonight I get to tell everyone I know that I have finally heard them!! I feel like shouting for joy, laughing so hard I cry, and then start crying, but wait I have done all of these things. All the boys were excited in their own ways. Lil O's mouth dropped open, Zachary screamed and tossed his shirt in the air, Parker smiled and acted like he knew all along, and Mason was just happy because everyone else was. They even started their own little song/chant "My dad is getting baptised" as they ran around the furniture and around the house. We are very very happy in our home today.

I am so happy for Oscar right now it is hard to put words to it. I have felt the spirit so strongly in our home and especially around Oscar for the last few weeks, I will never never never forget it. I can honestly say I have witnessed a Miracle, and it is sweet and I will cherish it always.

This Saturday October 25, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. Oscar will enter the waters of baptism and be confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. From there he will start his awesome journey learning more of his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who love him and never gave up on him.

There are so many friends and family that have helped Oscar get to this point of his journey, and all I can say is Thank You and you know who you are. I love each and everyone of you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Community Builders - 3rd Grade Production


Zachary has been practicing for weeks for the 3rd Grade show they did this evening. He has been very excited. I went earlier in the afternoon when they performed for the school, I even sang along to some of the songs I recognized Zachary singing at home. It was about Communities. They all had to dress up like someone in the community. I saw doctors, bakers, soccer, baseball, football, and Zachary chose to wear his scout uniform.

He did a great job. I just love watching him and smiling. Whenever he would look up at me he would try so hard not to smile, which made me smile even wider. I would give him the thumbs up sign a couple of times too.

Great job Zach.

Opening Day of Deer Season


Oscar has not been doing much hunting this season and was just itching to get out. At first he was going to go Friday and Saturday, but then something else came up so he decided not to. Then when one of his good friend Neil Adams said he wanted to go, it didn't take much to have Oscar go with him. On Thursday night he was like a little kid he was soooo excited, he was even doing his 'happy dance'. It was suppose to snow overnight and that is good when you want to go hunting the next day.

So Neil came over to get some gear for the next day and commented it was like shopping at Cabelas. hahahaha now Oscar and Zachary refer to dad's stash as Cabelas.

Here is Neil Friday

Here is Oscar. Sure looks cold to me.

Here is what they were hunting in for awhile. I probably wouldn't be able to see much.

Oscar said he had fun, and they did see deer but were not able to get one. They had a couple of opportunities but it was wrong timing. They did see a lot of elk too. I was just happy to have him home and safe.

Soccer Again

10/8/08 and 10/11/08
I finally remembered to take the camera to one of Oscar's soccer games so here are some pictures of him in action.

This game was really fun for him because he was playing against one of his best friends Jayden Andrews.

Also both coaches were in the same ward and most of the kids knew each other. So the kids and the coaches were having fun, but I was freezing!! I kept moving so I could find the sun to stand in and then do something that looked like jumping jacks. I had to stop jumping when I realized I might pee my pants. Something about the cold and jumping just didn't go together.
Then on Saturday I meant to take some pictures of Zachary's game, but I was WAY to COLD to get out of the truck. So we stratigically parked the truck where I could watch the games from the car. Lil O was having fun with the camera while we watched and here are some of his shots.
Zachary the only brave one to get out during Parker's game.

I had Parker's winter coat on and I somehow was able to shove his jersy on top of it. What apalled me was that he insisted on tucking his shirt in with his coat. Oh my goodness whoever said 'pick your battles' must not have had a kid like Parker. I should have taken a picture of him, and YES he wore it like that the WHOLE game!
Here is Mason trying to keep warm and cozy.

And apparently Oscar took this one of me. Nice.

And one more picture I would like to show all is how we secretly took this from my bedroom window. Zachary was outside jumping on the tramp slapping his rear end. Why?! Sure don't know but it was still funny!


Corn Maze


One of the traditions we have in our family is going through a corn maze about this time of year. So tonight we decided to go out, have some fun, and not get lost. When we got there they gave us a map and good thing because the one I printed out was kinda blurry and hard to read.

The maze was in the shape McCain and Obama's heads with the words Left or Right, nice little play on words there. It looked like it was going to be a lot of fun, and then.........we walked around the first corner of the maze. Zachary was in the lead and almost biffed it. He came around the corner fast and discovered a LOT of mud!! I guess the field had not dried up from the downpours we got on Saturday.

Here is Mason covered in it. Of course he would find the puddles and jump in them. Parker fell down once and was NOT happy. I tried holding their hands but I almost fell myself so Daddy had to hold both Mason and Parker. I was left to myself holding my pants up a little and hugging the corn line trying to avoid going down. I tell you I had a couple of close calls and I even screamed once, how embarrassing.

So it was pretty slow going but both Oscar's had maps and did an excellent job of guiding us through. The boys all had fun, we all had to put our muddy shoes in the back of daddy's pickup and Mason's pants! My advice though..... wait a good week after it rains to go through a corn maze. *wink*