Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zachary's State Report

May 2011

Zachary had to complete a state report for his 5th grade class, he was excited he was able to choose his own state, he chose Utah!  I was curious why, but he had some great ideas so I was happy to see him so motivated.

They had 2 months to work on the project but had weekly goals to complete.  At first it was mostly reports and paper work type assignments.  The big one was the 3D model that represented the state.  So here are some photos of the prep work.

Here is the mountain slope that will be a ski run.  First the shape and then paper mache...

Done with paper mache, now letting it dry....

Now for the snow, using of all things fake snow *smile*
This is the arch, once again some more paper mache....
 Once it was dry he added modeling clay, to give it a rough rock look.....
 When the clay dried he painted it....
 He made the Salt Lake City Temple out of legos..
The model also had a roller coaster representing Lagoon, The 'Great Salt Lake', a model of a beehive since it's the 'beehive state', the Bonneville Speedway, and pictures representing sports, and green jello.

Their goal of the project was to convince President Obama to relocate to their state.  He had to give an oral report in front of a teacher from Columbia High School to present his state and convince him it was a great place to relocate.  Only 6 kids could compete at this level, Zachary was one of them.  The other competing states were Massachusetts, Indiana, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii.  He did such an amazing job he won first place!

Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Wang,

This is his prize...
And showing his awards.
This one is a classic!!

He did an amazing job!  We are very proud of him, even though there was a couple of late nights, it all paid off!  Congrats Zachary *smile*