Thursday, January 12, 2012

Parker's Picnic

May 2011

In honor of the end of school the 2nd grade class had a Picnic with Parents activity planned.  We were invited to come have lunch with him and stay for some games and just play.  Parker was really excited about it, especially since he got to have hotdogs, chips, and watermelon for lunch.

I was excited to go and spend some time with him too, until we woke up that morning to a VERY chilly windy day!  I took Mason and Lily and we braved the weather for a little bit.
I loved seeing the HUGE smile on Parker's face and it was fun to watch Mason get right up and play with those big 2nd graders.
Of course Lily did not want to be left out either.
We stayed until our teeth were chattering and our hands and ears were cold as ice.  We had a really fun time! *smile*  Thanks for the invite Parker!