Thursday, January 12, 2012

Misc - May

May 2011

Here are some pictures I found on the camera of some things we did this month.

Moose Grandparents (Williamson) came for a visit.  They were in the process of selling their house in Challis and moving back to Nampa.  Lily cozied up to Grandpa right away.

 Mason giving Grandma a cuddle too.
Just playing around.  Look at that messy face!  She sure seems happy about it *smile*
 What Mom *smile*
See mom i got Zachary (which she pronounces rakary *smile*) 
Moose Grandpa reading a story to Lily.
Fingernail painting
And toenail painting too.....I think it was a bit ticklish for Lily.
And what do my wondering eyes see??? Is that Daddy's toenails too?? *smile*
Good times!!