Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zachary's 5th Grade Graduation

May 2011

Well Zachary has finally completed elementary school!  He is sooo excited to be going to middle school next year.  So by way of tradition the school had a Graduation Ceremony for them.  It was fun to watch Zach sing and sit with his classmates awaiting his name to be called to come and receive his diploma.

Here he is waiting with his classmates for the program to start.

 Now the singing, I think Zach was relieved he didn't have to look at us during the songs.  We always smile and dance in our seats and it embarrasses him.  But we still love you and we'll do it for the rest of your life buddy! *smile*
Now waiting for his name to be called.  He wasn't too anxious at first because of course they went in alphabetical order, but check out his face as it was getting closer *smile*
See mom and dad I got it....hurry up and take the picture so I can sit down will ya....oh and by the way I don't want everyone to see me smile so I'll give you a hurry fast smile!
SERIOUSLY mom and dad!  You already took a picture!  Yah but we want to remember this cute adorable face! *smile*
Zachary graduated with High Honors and was signed up to participate in the Gifted and Talented program at the middle school for next year.  He made Honor Roll every week, which we and he was very proud of.  He is very excited to go to middle school and meet up with all of his old friends from Parkridge.  I have to say I'm excited for him too, but a little nervous because's middle school!

Ahhhhh there's that no pressure smile we know so well!

I was really impressed with the diplomas they gave them, it was very official looking, something we'll treasure always.  Zach looked so handsome in his cap and gown picture!  Great Job Zachary we love you !