Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awards at Year End

May 2011

Zachary was honored at two different assemblies this year.  He was awarded for the highest ISAT scores and he was also awarded items for completing his Classics and Honors reading for Accelerated Reader (AR).

AR reading awards, chatting with friends.
Here's Parker....'Hi Mom' *smile*
Hey they called my name.....I KNEW IT!
 Showing us the 'shaka' sign, yep he's happy!
 YES!!  I got a gift card to Hastings!  I knew all that reading would pay off *smile*
I was even awarded a pretty flower for coming in and helping in the classroom, how sweet of them *smile*
Here is Zachary with Parker and Parker's teacher Mrs. Gregston.  She is such an amazing teacher, I think she is one of those remarkable ones you'll never forget.  Zachary would help out in their class throughout the year too.
Here is Parker with his year end project completed.  They were studying about Dinosaurs, so they made a model of the habitat and made a volcano, which they can make erupt at home (I'm so excited)

We are very proud of these boys and their accomplishments!  Now bring on SUMMER! *smile*